Creative Comforts in Today’s Luxury Vehicles

In a society that’s always on-the-go it’s easy to skip out on relaxing or taking a break every once in a while. Our minds are typically focussed on work, family, or our own personal to-do list, so it’s no surprise that finding time to unwind normally takes a back seat to other more “important” matters. Thankfully, the automotive industry is responding to this growing “all work and no play” attitude. We’re seeing more and more comfort-oriented designs in newly released models. And with recent graduates of automotive mechanic schools offering weary drivers increasing options for comfort upgrades, the morning commute or Saturday errand-run just might become your most relaxing part of the day!
Check out some of the latest comfort features that have recently been added to both moderately priced and luxury vehicles:

Get a Massage in the Driver’s Seat

Yes, it is now actually possible to get a “hot stone” massage while you’re driving to work. Mercedes-Benz offers these wonderful massaging seats along with adjustable ambient lighting and a perfume spritzer, as comfort features in its S-Class models.
Why you’ll love it: This feature is a little extravagant and maybe unnecessary, but it’s a great stress-reliever when travelling long hours through heavy traffic.

Warm your Hands with Heated Steering

If you live in a city where long, cold winters are the norm, you’ll immediately understand why heated steering wheels could provide that extra little comfort boost. This feature is becoming increasingly mainstream with both affordable and luxury automobile companies providing the option in their vehicles. Some major players now offering heated steering wheels include, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. Speak to someone who has had auto service advisor training to find out where else you can find this great feature.
Why you’ll love it: Sure, a pair of gloves might do the trick, but after de-icing your vehicle, those gloves may not fare so well and your frozen, wet hand are going to want a little heat to hold on to!

Battle Summer Heat with Seat Coolers

Heated seating now has a cooler cousin—soothing seat coolers. Seat coolers are great for those dreadfully hot summer days when ordinary air-conditioning just won’t do the trick. Avoid humid, sticky seats by adding this feature to your next vehicle. Auto companies on board with this trend include Infiniti, Nissan and BMW. The cooled seating feature works better in some models than others; speak to someone who has undergone auto mechanic training to find out which retailers offer the most effective seat coolers.
Why you’ll love it: If you live in an area that has very hot summers – or high temperatures year round – this feature will ensure you don’t burn the back of your legs by sitting directly onto hot leather.

One-Touch Trunk Control

This is a growing trend in the automotive industry and is now being offered by tons of retailers– BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen are all offering power lift-gates in several of their models. Anyone who has struggled to open their trunk while juggling bags or boxes will understand just how stress-relieving this simple feature could be.
Why you’ll love it: Scratch trunk-wrestling off your to-do list forever with this one simple comfort-feature. It’s an incredibly simple way to upgrade your everyday driving (and shopping) experience.

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