Considering Mechanic School? Check Out These 3 Revolutionary Vehicles That Changed the World

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Every once in a while a vehicle comes around that inspires innovation, and changes the world as we know it. There are many revolutionary vehicles that have made their mark on society. From the very first horseless carriage to the earliest Jeeps, these automobiles have changed the way people live, travel, and carry out their daily lives. While it’s impossible to pay tribute to every single iconic vehicle ever made, we’ve chosen to take a closer look at three great vehicles that have had a huge impact on the world and automotive industry.
Read on to learn about three of the most revolutionary vehicles ever made.

1. Pros with Auto Repair Training May Know the Ford Model T Was the First Mass-Produced Vehicle

Students in mechanic school may be interested to know that although the Ford Model T wasn’t the first automobile to be made available to the general public, it was the first vehicle to drastically change the automobile market, forever. The Model T was released in 1908, and by 1910 it was a sensation. It was the first mass-produced vehicle, bringing mobility to working-class citizens for the very first time.
The Model T outsold every other vehicle that was on the market at the time, combined. As Ford produced more and more of these vehicles, the cost of production lowered, which enabled Ford to reduce the price even more. This made the vehicle even more financially accessible to consumers. By 1917, the price of the vehicle had lowered from $900 to $345, and 735,020 were produced that year alone. Over the following years, 16.5 million Ford Model Ts were sold. And by 1999, the Model T was named the most influential car of the 20th century by Car of the Century.

2. Pros with Auto Repair Training May Know the Honda Civic Is Still Relevant Today

If you’ve never owned a Honda Civic, it’s likely you have a friend or family member who has. The Honda Civic has been a number one vehicle for many consecutive years, and it all started with its conception in 1972. Before the rise of the Honda Civic in the ’70s, Japanese manufactures had timidly entered the American market, but had yet to make their mark. As graduates of auto repair training may know, the Civic changed everything.

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As a top-selling vehicle, the Honda Civic has become one of the most influential cars in the world

Honda has the 1973 oil crisis to thank for its success with the Civic, which forced car buyers to seek efficient options that wouldn’t guzzle gas. Being a compact vehicle with excellent mileage, the Civic quickly rose to the top. Ever since, the Civic has become a staple vehicle in many North American households, and Honda has released ten generations and many different variations of the vehicle.

3. Pros with Auto Repair Training May Know the Toyota Prius Introduced the World to Hybrids

While there were certainly many ground-breaking vehicles between the ’70s and the late ’90s, the next most revolutionary vehicle is arguably the full-hybrid electric Toyota Prius. Although hybrids had a rocky beginning due to their odd designs, average drivability, and lack of power, the Prius introduced the concept of hybrid vehicles to the masses.
To date, over five million Prii have been sold, and the vehicle has inspired many other manufactures to release compact hybrid vehicles of their own. Four generations of Prii later, there are many hybrid vehicles offered by almost every common vehicle brand. It begs the question, without the Prius, would vehicles like the Tesla Model X and Nissan Leaf exist? Surely the planet has Toyota to thank for one of the world’s first eco-friendly vehicles.

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The Toyota Prius set the stage for many more hybrid vehicles

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