Considering Car Repair Training? Check out New Features on the Updated Tesla Model S

Tesla has changed the way people think about electric cars
Tesla has changed the way people think about electric cars

After weeks of speculation, Tesla finally revealed the new Model S earlier this month. The 2016 refresh is the first hardware overhaul the car has had since its release in 2012, and it includes a range of new features and design changes.

The Model S has been a runaway success, earning praise from critics and auto enthusiasts worldwide, who have been impressed by its high-tech software and excellent performance. With over 100,000 units sold, it now ranks as the second-highest selling plug-in electric vehicle of all time right after the Nissan Leaf.
Not only that, but its success has helped change the perception of electric cars in the auto industry, winning over sceptics and getting more buyers interested in zero emissions vehicles.
So how will the new changes be received by Tesla Fans and automotive professionals alike? Read on to find out more about what auto mechanic students can expect.

Model S Improvements Explained for Car Repair Training Students

While there were rumours that the updated Model S would feature an improved 100kWh battery, Tesla has confirmed that there will be no change in the car’s performance or range. However, there are still a number of new features that will interest students in car repair training.
One of the most notable changes to the Model S is the new charger, which has an increased 48 amp capacity to enable faster charging from high-amp sources. The updated model will also include the LED adaptive headlights available on the Model X, which offer better visibility than the car’s original Xenon lights.

The new Model S will charge much faster than the previous model
The new Model S will charge much faster than the previous model

Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode Comes to the Model S

New Model S drivers will also get to experience one of the Model X’s more bizarre features: Tesla’s “Bioweapon Defense Mode” button, which activates a sophisticated air filtration system that seals off the cabin from outside air, recycling the cabin’s existing air through a giant HEPA filter.
As the name suggests, the system was designed to filter air so efficiently that passengers would be safe even in the event of a biological attack, with CEO Elon Musk even joking that, “We’re trying to be a leader in apocalyptic defense scenarios.”
While they hopefully won’t have to deal with anything like that, drivers can still enjoy the system’s benefits, with Tesla promising it will remove “99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from the air.”

Design Changes: What Car Repair Training Students Can Expect

The most striking change of the updated Model S is that it now has a grille-less design similar to the Model X, rather than the blacked-out imitation grille it previously sported. As students in automotive training programs will know, changes to a car’s exterior design are often done to improve performance, and Tesla may have removed the grille to make the car more aerodynamic. The change has also allowed Tesla to move the car’s front facing radar (part of its collision avoidance system) from the bottom grille to the space behind the Tesla emblem, with the higher mounting position improving its functionality.
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