Considering Car Mechanic Training? Feast Your Eyes on the 2022 Ferrari 296GTB

2022 Ferrari 296GTB
For an aspiring auto mechanic, it’s time to kick back and picture yourself inside Ferrari’s new 2022 296 GTB. With a 120-degree V-6 engine, Ferrari is satisfying the need for speed as it announces the presence of the 296 GTB in the next GT3 competition.
At CATI, you’ll get hands-on training in the ins and outs of what’s involved in the auto mechanic industry. That’s a good incentive if you’re also a sports car enthusiast who appreciates the value of what’s under the hood of this high-performance 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB. So, let’s get the engine started and learn more about its spectacular power, performance, and capabilities.

Witness Power and Performance After Your Car Mechanic Training

You may have the chance to witness the power and performance of the 2022 Ferrari 296GTB in action when it drops by the auto shop for service and maintenance. The 2022 296GTB comes with a turbocharged V-6 engine combined with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor. This sweet combination is capable of producing 830 horsepower. Alone, the 2022 Ferrari 296GTB V-6 engine stands to produce 663 horsepower. 
After you complete your car mechanic training, you’ll be lucky to see how the electric motor on its own produces 167 horsepower as well. The 296GTB is capable of using the 6.0-kWh battery pack to drive on electric power alone. The power of the engine along with the electrical motor provides outstanding performance and acceleration. The 296GTB is also equipped with four drive features that adapt performance to the needs of the driver. The drive features are eDrive, Hybrid, Performance and Qualify.

Ferrari’s 296GTB 120-degree V-6 engine
After car mechanic training, you’ll get to witness Ferrari’s 296GTB 120-degree V-6 engine

Driver and Co-Driver Infotainment Experience

Ferrari decided to go for a minimalist approach in terms of its infotainment for the 2022 296GTB passenger’s side. After you complete your automotive training from CATI school, you may get to experience the minimalist feel of the display unit from the passenger’s side of the vehicle. According to Ferrari, they focused all their infotainment system on the driver’s side. On the other side, however, Ferrari wanted the passenger to have the experience of being a co-driver in the 296GTB. This offers the passenger the chance to “participate in the journey” with the driver when cruising or speeding down a racetrack.

Ferrari 296GTB
Ferrari decided to go for a minimalist approach in designing the infotainment unit on the passenger’s side

An Interior Designed for Elegance

The 2022 Ferrari 296GTB is built around the digital interface of the SF90 Stradale. However, the 296GTB takes a minimalist approach in line with its simplistic infotainment system. The interior brings a refined look to the 296GTB’s technical features. The seats are covered with elegant Italian leather that aims for a luxurious feel. Ferrari also decided to go back in time with its manual gearbox designs and add a shifter push-button to the centre console of the 296GTB, along with a compartment to store very small items. 
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