Challenges of Servicing Automotive Air Conditioning

The Challenges of Servicing Automotive Air Conditioning as a Pro with Auto Mechanic Training

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There’s nothing worse than stepping into a car on a hot day and blasting the air conditioning, only to feel it blowing warm, stale air. Most people at some point have experienced problems with their automobile’s air conditioner. For this reason, programs in auto technician training are necessary so that car owners have professional aid to turn to when such problems arise.

Air Conditioner Operation

Air conditioning runs independent of other mechanical systems under the hood, which is why there are air conditioning service specialists who focus their expertise specifically on the cooling system of the car. The air conditioning works by circulating refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system through a compressor, condenser and evaporator.
This video provides a brief introduction to the air conditioning system of a vehicle.

The most common problems with automotive air conditioning are:

  • A clogged evaporator, compressor or expansion valve
  • Leaking refrigerant or coolant
  • A plugged cabin air filter
  • A poorly functioning or weak car battery
  • Faulty thermostat

Lack of Cold Air

Probably the biggest inconvenience you encounter with your air conditioner is how to go about tackling that warm air blowing on your already sweating face. The first step, and it may seem obvious, is to check and be sure there are no restrictions for the passage of air. The next step after this would be to ensure the cabin air filter is not clogged, and then to be sure the compressor engages. If it engages, the next step would be to test the resistance to the pressure switch. If the system is pressurized, then the problem is likely in the refrigerant.

Refrigerant Leak

As the most common problem is a refrigerant/coolant leak, it may be necessary to perform a coolant flush or refill on the vehicle. It is important to have training as an automotive air conditioning service specialist when repairing the air conditioning of a vehicle, specifically the refrigerant. This toxic material freezes instantly upon contact with the skin and can cause serious frostbite damage. In the chance that there is a refrigerant leak, the tubing or piping will likely need to be replaced.
It is important to understand that the air conditioning is a specialized part of the car, and one which can also be dangerous. Although it may be tempting to save money and fix an air conditioning problem at home, there are a dozen variables that may be the root of the problem. Trust the professionals who have taken a specialized Auto Mechanic Course on how to repair air conditioning—they will fix the problem in a manner which is safer, more effective and ultimately faster.

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