Challenges in Suspension System Maintenance

Discover these Challenges in Suspension System Maintenance as an Auto Repair Technician

Drop in on any auto mechanic school to start learning how to become a mechanic and you’ll quickly realize that a lot of the wear and tear on a car and, indeed, a lot of the frustrations of car repair have to do with the pesky suspension system. Suspension system maintenance is a tough job, as it requires constant dedication and finesse. If you’re going to get involved with auto mechanic training, you’re going to have to brush up on all the challenges and hurdles associated with suspension system maintenance, but luckily for you we rounded up some of the most pervasive and enduring challenges so you can get a head start.

Taking Precautions

One of the biggest challenges in suspension system maintenance is getting a problem fixed before it’s too late. The majority of car owners never do any precautionary checking of their suspension system and usually will only take it in when something has gone horribly awry, which results in a very expensive fix that could have been nipped in the bud with the right amount of foresight. Checking your vehicle’s suspension regularly and thoroughly is the best way to ensure you can find a problem before it gets too out of control, and save you the hassle and the expense of replacing the entire thing. Here’s a slightly ridiculous but really helpful video that explains how you should go about checking your suspension system:


Alignment is not only one of the most importance things you need to keep in check to keep your vehicle running smoothly, but it’s the one that can cause the most damage if you let it get out of control. Unbalanced wheels, one too-deflated tire or a steering problem are all indicative of alignment problems, and the longer you let them go on, the more problematic they’ll become. If your car starts to “shimmy” as your driving, feeling unsteady, your alignment is most likely compromised. Getting this fixed as soon as possible is imperative, because faulty alignment can wreak havoc on your suspension. It can cause many problems and even result in losing control of the car, or destroying the shock absorbers.


Check Your Connections

Often, the problem with your suspension is in the connection, and not necessarily in the suspension. It is highly recommended that you quite frequently check the visible connections of your suspension. Suspension problems are often caused by loose or damaged connections, and spotting them before you have to take your car to a mechanic to get looked at will save you a bunch of time and money. It’s entirely possible that the problem might be something as laughably simple as loose bolts, but you should definitely get a mechanic’s opinion if you think it might be something more. Always err on the side of caution.
The main thing to remember about suspension systems is that a little precaution and proactive thinking goes a long way. Preventative car maintenance is the best way to ensure a well running machine.

The preceding instructions are intended as general information only. Specialized automotive maintenance should always be performed by professionals with automotive training.

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