Automotive Service Technician Career

When most people look to become a mechanic, what they mean is a career as an Automotive Service Technician. The essential expert in every garage, an Automotive Service Technician is adept at a wide range of skills, from routine maintenance and servicing to accident repair. They have a willingness to work hands on with vehicles, including dismantling and reassembling engines, wheels, brake lines and other essential automotive systems. A trusted mechanic is also the person who makes up work orders and is usually responsible for diagnosis of car problems.

In some situations the work with the assistance of and auto service consultant who liaises with customers, but in smaller garages they may need to consult with customers directly. Modern mechanics earn their title through a rigorous apprenticeship process that makes sure that they are qualified to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Additionally, the demands of the profession mean that many are now experts with diagnostic software and the modern plastics, computer systems and other materials that go into maintaining a car.

Because of the high demand for qualified mechanics, some even choose to strike out on their own, becoming self-employed. Otherwise, an Automotive Service Technician may be found anywhere from working in a busy dealership garage to helping test and develop new cars with major automotive companies.

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