Career Spotlight: Refinishing Prep Technician

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In the world of automotive careers, there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a specialization. Even within specializations, there’s room to carve out a niche and get really specific. For example, if you take an auto mechanic course, you might specialize in repairing diesel engines. Or if you take one of the programs in transport training Canada offers, you might choose to be working in dispatch for a fleet.
So, if you’re looking for a rewarding career the automotive painting and finishing world, why not look into becoming a refinishing prep technician? Similar to an automotive painter or finishing technician, you’ll mostly be working with preparing the bodies of vehicles for painting, shaping and refining. You’ll be using a variety of tools to strip and buff the bodies of automobiles, ensuring they can be painted and finished beautifully.
Typical Job Duties
Most of the work you’ll be doing as a refinishing prep technician will be making sure the automobile is in good condition to be painted. This means making sure there are no spots of dirt, grease, rust or dents that will impede the painting process, as well as sanding and smoothing the body to ensure the paint is applied perfectly.
As a refinishing prep technician you’ll be using a variety of tools – everything from scrapers and putties to more heavy-duty items like blowtorches and sandblasters. You’ll be trained on how to properly use these tools and protect yourself and the vehicle from any unwanted damage in any automotive training school that has a refinishing prep technician program.
Refinishing prep technicians should also be knowledgeable about how to tape and cover parts of the automobile, such as mirrors or headlights, to ensure that not only are they not damaged by the scraping and blasting, but that they won’t be affected when it comes time to paint. As such, refinishing prep technicians should have an excellent attention to detail and be able to juggle several tasks at once, effortlessly.
A Start to a Rewarding Career
To become an automotive painter or finisher, you must first complete an apprenticeship in the trade of automotive finishing. The best way to start on this path is to get certified as a refinishing prep technician. Though you won’t necessarily be working with painting and finishing until you’ve completed your certification and started in your apprenticeship, the skills you’ll be developing when you’re preparing cars for painting, as well as assisting in the painting, will carry over.
If you want to get into the wide and wonderful world of automotive painting, there’s no better way than completing a certification as a refinishing prep technician. So before you start on your road to become a mechanic, why not check out the alternatives? It could be right up your alley!

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