Calling All Students in Dispatch School: Check Out Volvo's Newly Announced VNR Regional Truck

Volvo trucks like this VNL64T are common in the trucking industry
Volvo trucks like this VNL64T are common in the trucking industry

Volvo has been a leading manufacturer of trucks for quite some time, and transportation industry professionals across North America rely on their products for improved company operations and performance. At the ExpoCam event in Montreal, Quebec, Volvo unveiled its newest truck: the upgraded VNR regional-haul truck. Equipped with many driver-centered features, this new truck comes with improved aerodynamics and interior features.
Are you curious to learn more about the new VNR truck? Read on for a quick overview.

Graduates of Dispatch School May Find the VNR Truck’s Specs Impressive

The new VNR Regional Truck doesn’t mess around; the vehicle is well-equipped with improved aerodynamics, a powerful engine, and impressive safety features. When purchasing the truck, companies can choose between two engine options. The first is the standard Volvo D11 engine with a horsepower range between 325 and 425 and torque between 1,250 and 1,550 lb-ft. The second and more powerful option is the D13. The D13 engine has a horsepower range of 375 to 500 and a torque range between 1,450 and 1,850 lb-ft. With either option, the engine is sure to pack a punch. Due to its improved aerodynamics and decreased weight, the truck will get drivers about 3.5 per cent more fuel efficiency than the previous version.
Students in dispatchers training may be interested to know that the VNR truck can be purchased in three different configurations: the 300, 400, and 640. The 300 features a day cab and flat roof which is perfect for short-haul truckers who don’t sleep in the vehicle. The 400 comes equipped with a 42-inch sleeper, and the 640 model has a 61-inch sleeper.

The VNR Truck Was Built with the Driver in Mind

When designing this truck, Volvo set out to meet the needs of the modern day truck driver. In fact, Volvo interviewed over 2,000 drivers about their truck preferences during the design process. One of the most driver-centered improvements of the VNR is that drivers can easily adjust their steering wheel and seat configuration to their height, creating a more comfortable ride, which, as graduates of dispatch school know, is very important.
The steering wheel comes equipped with 19 different buttons so drivers can easily access the controls without taking their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. In addition, the truck is equipped with high-quality audio and infotainment systems, WiFi, Bluetooth, deeper storage pockets, plenty of electrical plug-ins, navigation, and an exterior camera. It even comes with a cold storage compartment for food and drinks.
The interior of the cab is illuminated by a soft blue glow, which has been proven to help drivers feel more alert. In addition, when the driver opens the door of the cab at night, a light will shine down on the stairs, making it easier to exit the truck.
Check out the truck for yourself in the video below:

Exterior Features that Would Impress any Dispatcher After Dispatch School

The VNR comes equipped with plenty of exterior features that make the truck safer and more effective on the roads. Göran Nyberg, the president of Volvo Trucks North America, said, “Our goal with the new VNR was to give our customers a versatile tool to meet their individual needs and challenges in the critical regional-haul market.”
The truck has improved visibility over the hood due to its short, sloped design, and with a wheel cut of 50 degrees, drivers will easily be able to navigate through city streets, which is essential for regional-haul drivers. Other unique exterior features include windshield wipers that are activated by rain, LED high and low beam headlights that won’t blind other drivers on the road, automatic lighting, and more.
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