Calling All Auto Mechanic School Students! Check Out the Powerful 2022 Acura NSX Type S

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Diehard fans of Acura NSX are bound to be disappointed with the carmaker’s announcement that the latest version of the sportscar will be their final year of production for this model. However don’t be fooled, because they’re going out with a bang with this 2022 Acura NSX Type S. With only 350 being built globally, the last of these second generation Acura sports cars will be highly coveted. 
As an auto mechanic student, we know you’ll be passionate about the latest and greatest cars around the world. Keeping up to date with new models and driving specs makes you even better at your job as a well-rounded master in your field. Update your knowledge with all the details on this 2022 Acura NSX Type S!

If You’re in Auto Mechanic School, You’ll Want to See This Updated Hybrid System

The 2021 model doesn’t stack up to this updated hybrid version for the Type S model. The 3.5L twin-turbocharged V-6 and three-motor hybrid system produces 27 more horses and 16 lb-ft more torque than the previous version, coming in at a total of 600 horsepower and 492 lb-ft of torque. 
On top of the increased power, the battery capacity and output is much stronger than the 2021 NSX, making it capable of longer periods of electric-only driving before having to switch to fuel. This is impressive technology for a hybrid sportscar, and the Type S model even features a gearbox tuneup that allows for upshifts of 50% faster than before. If you’re in auto mechanic school and love the sound of a clean sports car, you can only hope for a nice growl from the exhaust as you test out its rapid downshift mode that lets you skip gears. To hear the latest NSX engine in action, check out this reveal video from Acura: 

An Aggressive & Aerodynamic Style for the Type S

This model’s exterior features an updated design that fosters improved power plant cooling through its new aerodynamic style that will impress students of any mechanics schools. It offers a new “light weight” package option that decreases overall weight by about 58 pounds through a carbon fiber roof, carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon-fiber engine cover and a carbon interior trim.
The nose of the car has more angular intakes that help with the cooling, and also features a reshaped front spoiler that helps to better direct airflow under the front of the car. The unique five-spoke wheels slightly widen the car’s track, and combined with the carbon fiber roof that lowers the center of gravity, the Type S has improved handling.

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The new Type S is even more aerodynamic than this 2021 NSX model

Updated Interior Details for the Type S Supercar

The interior of the Type S features an elegant and classy Alcantara headliner. This soft, suede-like microfiber pile creates a cohesive aesthetic that is seamless with the car’s exterior. The seat head restraints feature the coveted NSX embossed logos, and the glove compartment door has the “Type S” logo for added branding.
The rest of the interior is designed with contrasting stitching to make the curves and edges of the seating stand out. Due to the incredibly low volume of production of these cars and how thoughtful the engineering and design are, the Type S is quite exotic. You can expect this final-year NSX model to be highly desirable in the future!
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