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Interested in Becoming a Mechanic? Check Out the Best Campers for Summer Living

Published on May 28, 2020 by in Blog

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There are many reasons why a person might decide it’s time to pick up the keys for a camper. Perhaps they frequently take road trips into rockier or woodier terrains and want the ability to camp comfortably in their vehicle. Or perhaps they spend a lot of time on the road and would prefer the freedom to stop and rest wherever they like, without splurging on a hotel. 

In any case, the appeal of these specialized vehicles is undeniable. Smaller and more efficient than an RV while remaining more comfortable and versatile than a typical van, a camper is a dream for nature-lovers or adventurers. As an auto mechanic, you will likely work on more than a few campers during your career, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with them. Here are some of the best campers for summer living.  

Airstream and Mercedes-Benz Join Forces to Produce the Interstate Nineteen 

Airstream is an American brand that has long been recognized for their distinctiveness. Their aerodynamic aluminum travel trailers have around for decades, and they continue to be celebrated for the high quality of their products. They recently decided to move into the field of campers, and a partnership with Mercedes-Benz produced the Interstate Nineteen. 

Take a look at this short video to check it out:

The main benefit of this camper over its competitors is its size. It’s not much larger than an average SUV, while still having plenty of space for storage, sleeping, and living. With the interstate Nineteen, road trips can have a bit of luxury, too. It’s fitted with unlimited hot water, a high-definition TV, and remote-controlled blinds and lighting. If you’re thinking of becoming a mechanic, you’ll surely appreciate how this beautiful camper combines style and substance. 

The Fiat Ducato Camper is a European Favourite 

Fiat is well-known as an Italian manufacturer of compact cars, but they also make vehicles that take up a bit more space. Their Ducato van is a favourite in the camper community, with dozens of different conversion companies using the Ducato base to create unique and interesting campervans. Fiat has partnered with some of these companies so that you can purchase a Ducato van specifically suited to your needs and wants. 
The Ducato vans are easy to spot because of their distinctive square shape, and are frequently used to transport goods. They also serve as great campers, with tons of storage space that can be used for a variety of different purposes. For the environmentally savvy driver, Fiat has also premiered a Ducato that’s 100% electric, which will be hitting the market soon. 

The Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 is the Gold Standard for Campervans 

It’s impossible to write about camper vans without mentioning the iconic conversions of Sportsmobile, a company that has been providing custom aftermarket conversions to vans since the 1960s. Even after over 50 years, Sportsmobile continues to dominate the camper van scene, and you’ll surely be seeing their vehicles during your auto mechanic career.

The Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 is created from a Ford Cutaway body, and can be customized to suit the consumer’s needs. The main features of the camper are its efficient use of space and its all-terrain performance. 

You Should Look Forward to Seeing the Mercedes-Benz Metris During Your Auto Mechanic Career 

With this camper, Mercedes tried to strike a balance between versatility and functionality, and the beauty of the design is proof of their success. Boasting an elevating roof, a sleeping area for two plus a rear bench that sleeps two more, 180-degree swiveling front seats, and an integrated table, this camper makes sure its owners are comfortable. 

Check out the Mercedes-Benz Metris in this clip: 

The Metris is perfect for a weekend away from the stress of the inner city, or a more extended break. And with the option of adding integrated solar panels, drivers can make sure their adventures are as green as possible. 

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