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If You’re Completing Training for Mechanics, Take a Look at the 2020 Mini John Cooper Works

Published on June 13, 2019 by in Blog

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In 2008, MINI premiered the first-ever John Cooper Works MINI to the world at the International Motor Show in Geneva. John Cooper Works is an English company owned by BMW, responsible for the original Mini Cooper. The JCW model was introduced to add a sportier version, indicated by the company’s namesake John Cooper, a race car maker and tuner. It has since become a go-to for agile, high-performance vehicles with no shortage of style.

John Cooper Works is in the spotlight again with a 2020 Countryman and a 2020 Clubman hitting the market soon. The charged-up models are drumming up excitement as more and more tidbits are leaked about what to expect. Read on to learn what you’ll be seeing when the Mini JCW Countryman and Clubman release.

Automotive Mechanics School Students will Appreciate This Mini’s Speed

This time, MINI is looking at amping up speed and performance more than ever before. The new JCWs feature a 4-cylinder turbo engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. With a 301 hp, turbocharged 2.0-litre engine for both the Countryman and the Clubman, this is a huge jump from the 189 hp S models.

The Countryman and the Clubman will have a stronger, modified crankshaft, a larger turbocharger, and a modified compression ratio with new pistons and rods. The engine torque hits 331 pound-feet and all-wheel drive is activated when slippage occurs. If you’re completing training for mechanics and are interested in performance, you might be interested to hear that standard launch control is included. This can be a fun feature, allowing the car to take off quickly when lights turn from red to green.

This Revamped Chassis Will Get You Excited for an Auto Mechanic Career

A Mini Cooper is a great way to get close to the feel of riding in a little race car. The 2020 John Cooper Works Countryman and the Clubman will be no exception in that respect—with enhanced performance and speed bringing plenty of excitement. In an auto mechanic career, you will find that you get to know different brands and what they have to offer. As you may already be well aware, Minis are cars that are notoriously fun to drive.

To that end, both the Countryman and the Clubman have more chassis bracing than previous models. The camber angle of the front wheels is improved and the vehicle is reinforced. This improves the handling of the car, and can also lengthen the lifetime of the chassis.

Suspension revisions improve the structure, and there is an option to add 2-mode adaptive dampers. This feature senses, in real time, the surface underneath the car as it’s driven. Adjustments are made to improve driver experience with the data obtained by the sensors, which is likely to make the driving experience more than a little fun.

Updates Being Made to the Exterior

The 2020 JCWs are more of a switch-up in mechanics than exterior, which is why cosmetic changes are minimal—pun intended. However, there are still some changes being made. The main grille insert on the Clubman is changed to 6 horizontal lines giving a more open look, and taillights feature a Union Jack pattern. For the most part, classic Mini style isn’t sacrificed in the new models, still giving drivers the features and feel that they’re looking for—but this time, in a more powerful machine.

Minis have a signature style that drivers know and love

Minis have a signature style that drivers know and love

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