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Want to Attend Mechanic School? Here’s What You Should Know About the 2022 Ford Fusion Active

Published on October 8, 2020 by in Blog, CATI

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If this is Ford’s last Fusion vehicle, it looks like they’re making it count. After announcements that they would be phasing out the Fusion lineup, Ford shocked customers and fans with the Fusion Active. Little is known about the car, which will be an ambitious combo between a station wagon and a sedan. That said, it’s likely that this 2022 model will be the last remnant of the Fusion lineup, despite clear differences from its predecessors.

Ford has not released any official advertisements or media of the Fusion Active, but artists and experts have been anxiously anticipating the upcoming model with both speculation and digital approximations. However, what we do know is that it will be a larger wagon version of the long-appreciated Fusion sedan. Its action-oriented, sporty name jibes well with the specs that experts are anticipating it to have. Here’s what you should know about the 2022 Ford Fusion Active!

The Last Remaining Vehicle of the Fusion Lineup 

The sales of the Ford Fusion have been steadily declining for some time now. Though the American sedan has found immense popularity in the last 15 years, Ford has acknowledged that its era of greatness has passed. The sedan is no longer capturing the imagination of North American audiences, and consumer trends reflect that. Instead, Ford has decided to focus its efforts on its trucks and larger vehicles.

First introduced in 2006 as a mid-size sedan with four doors and carrying five passengers, the Fusion was meant to be a more stylish, refined version of the sedan—and the consumer market was hungry for it. Graduates of auto mechanic college might encounter the Fusion frequently, given that it has been one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles. Nonetheless, Ford is now phasing out this lineup, with the upcoming Ford Fusion Active being its last descendent.

Is Ford Trying to Mimic the Popularity of the Subaru Outback?

Trying to end the long-standing Fusion lineup with a station wagon-inspired vehicle is a move that’s both brave and ambitious. With the Fusion Active, Ford likely intends to mimic the immense popularity and cult following attached to the Subaru Outback.

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With the Fusion Active, Ford seeks to challenge the Subaru Outback

The Outback is by far the most popular station wagon in North America. How popular, you ask? In 2019, Subaru Outbacks accounted for 17 of every 20 station wagons purchased in the United States. Subaru debuted the Outback as an alternative to SUVs, with similar interior room and storage space, but none of the awkwardness. Today, the Outback is considered a stable, durable family car, with barely any competition for it to speak of. With the launch of the Fusion Active, Ford’s looking to change all of that. 

What Auto Mechanic School Graduates Should Expect With the Fusion Active 

Though details surrounding the upcoming Fusion Active are sparse, there are certain things that auto mechanic school students should know about this widely-anticipated vehicle. Meant to be more outdoorsy than the traditional sedan, the Fusion Active will likely have a slight lift off the ground, as well as a rugged body, a heavy suspension system, and AWD capability.

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Info on the upcoming Ford Fusion Active is limited, but expect a heavy-duty ride

Automotive buffs should be licking their lips about the Fusion Active’s suspension system. Based on what we know, it’s likely that the rear suspension will eschew coils in favour of leaf springs. These are more heavy-duty in nature, and are also found on more rugged trucks. Under the hood, it’s likely that the Fusion Active will boast both an eight-speed automatic transmission and a 2.0-litre inline-four engine. Though the date for its arrival is subject to change, expect the Fusion Active to hit dealerships late next year.

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