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[Infographic] Green and Clean: Detailing Vehicles the Environmentally Friendly Way

Published on June 11, 2019 by in CATI

Canadians are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and auto detailers are responding to this demand for environmentally friendly products and services. Many detailers are now offering green and clean services. These services not only make cars look great, but they are also gentle on the environment.

If you’re considering a career in automotive detailing, staying on top of the latest eco-friendly trends in the industry could be very beneficial. Because more and more consumers are searching for environmentally friendly services, being able to offer green auto detailing could help the Earth and even your own business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do after your automotive detailing courses, including cutting back on water, using products that are biodegradable, and recycling cleaning product packages when possible.

To help you make environmentally conscious choices during your auto detailing career, check out this infographic about green and clean auto detailing.

CATI Infographic- Green and clean (1)

Green and Clean: Detailing Vehicles the Environmentally Friendly Way

Auto Detailers Help Cut Down on Water Waste

  • The average Canadian consumes 329 litres of water per day
  • Canada uses the 2nd-most water among OECD countries
  • Cleaning a car at home means contaminated runoff ends up in waterways
  • Eco-friendly auto detailers are addressing this problem
  • They use less water than at-home and traditional car washes
  • Eco-friendly detailers keep run-off out of our waterways
  • Some detailers even offer waterless car washes

Washing a car at home uses 380 to 530 litres of water per wash.

A commercial car wash uses only 110-150 litres of water!

Canada’s first environmentally-friendly commercial car wash opened in Halifax in 2013

Many Auto Detailers Use Green Products

  • Eco-friendly car cleaning products are free of dangerous chemicals
  • These products are biodegradable
  • Detailers can get great results with green products
  • Even better: green products come in recyclable packaging

Dirt and oil stuck to cars ends up in waterways when cars are cleaned at home. Professional detailers help keep these pollutants out of waterways!

True or False? Storm drain runoff is treated.

False: Storm drains carry runoff straight to waterways untreated!

Auto Detailers Help Keep Vehicle Interiors Clean

  • Vehicle interiors can also be polluted
  • Upholstery absorbs many contaminants, like:
    • Exhaust from other vehicles
    • Chemicals from hazardous cleaning products
    • Polluted air from outside the vehicle
  • Children in rear seats are particularly vulnerable to these contaminants
  • Detailers can help improve the cleanliness and safety of car interiors
  • Their eco-friendly products can help remove contaminants from upholstery

Pollution is 9-12 times higher inside cars than outside.

An eco-friendly auto detailer can help remove harmful pollutants.


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