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Essential Skills for Dealership Service Operations

Published on July 24, 2014 by in Blog, CATI

Essential Skills to Learn in Mechanic School for Dealership Service Operations

Salesman offering a car to familyBeing in charge of a car dealership is much more complex than putting up a For Sale sign in the front window. As a professional who possesses dealership service operations training, you’ll have to supervise not only vehicle sales, but also staff, repairs as handled by mechanics who have received training from a mechanic school, financing options available to consumers and so much more. You’ll also be in contact with representatives of various car brands, discussing topics like upcoming models, sales numbers or recalls. If you’re interested in automotive careers in management, dealership service operations could be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s an overview of essential skills in dealership service operations you’ll learn in car sales training:


The most important aspect of dealership service operations is knowing how to go above and beyond for customers. This means not only being friendly, knowledgeable and courteous, but also making sure that the dealership is running at the very best of its capabilities. For example, employing the right team of expert auto mechanics who have taken auto mechanic courses and can repair and maintain cars and trucks swiftly and efficiently is an important part of dealership service operations. Always keep in mind that, for customers, the purchase of a car or truck is not a small investment. If a customer is happy with his or her purchase, he or she is likely to return to the garage for maintenance needs, developing a loyalty to the dealership. Return business can be very important for a dealership, which is why it pays to be customer-oriented and have an eye for details.


The automotive industry can be very competitive, which is why having strong leadership skills can come in handy in this role. In concert with sales managers, you’ll develop campaigns, promotions, marketing plans and more to generate sales and allow the dealership to stand out from its competition. Being able to view your offers from the perspective of your customers can be tremendously helpful in developing a solid marketing strategy. If you take the time to chat with customers, they’ll tell you, either directly or indirectly, what they like and dislike. Lastly, implementing a sales strategy at all levels of the dealership will require communication, coordination and good team synergy, which is why maintaining a positive work environment can pay off in the long run.

Good sense of organization

When it comes to dealership service operations, being well-organized is more than an asset. Some of your duties in this role will include tracking the budget and vehicle inventory, hiring and training new staff, studying new cars available for sale to properly understand their features and handling customer complaints and inquiries. Having a good sense of organization will allow you to be able to jump from one task to the other while continuing to make good, informed decisions. In some cases, you’ll have to go back to consult old sales reports or invoices. If you don’t keep everything tidy, chances are you’ll let something slip by, which may cause problems in the long run.

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