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Considering Auto Repair Training? Find Out If a Customer Service Representative Career Is the Right Fit!

Published on November 25, 2021 by in Blog, CATI

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Are you as passionate about talking to others as you are about the ins and outs of auto mechanics? If so, you’d likely be a great fit for the customer service sector of the automotive industry. While the work that mechanics and automotive technicians do is important in keeping vehicles running smoothly and drivers safe on the roads, customer service representatives are responsible for ensuring that client repair orders are fulfilled. Within the automotive industry, these professionals answer calls from customers. Based on customer requests, they’ll make a purchase order for special parts, prepare client invoices, create service orders for technicians, and more. 

By facilitating communication between technicians, dealerships, parts suppliers, repair shops, and customers, customer service representatives improve the client experience and ensure that repairs and service orders are performed accurately. If you’re considering a client-facing role after completing your mechanic training, discover whether a career as a customer service representative is right for you below.

Duties of a Customer Service Representative After Auto Repair Training

On a daily basis, customer service representatives will be responsible for a range of duties and 

tasks. If you’re considering this career path after auto repair training, take a look at them here: 

  • Answering calls from customers and listening to their requests
  • Recording information about clients’ situations 
  • Creating files for customers with service records and billing information
  • Maintaining organized file systems
  • Making purchase orders for auto parts
  • Scheduling service appointments with automotive technicians
  • Invoicing customers for services

While these might not be all of the duties that customer service representatives perform on a given day, you can expect to complete some of these responsibilities when you enter this profession. If you’re a strong communicator and are passionate about helping people out, this could be the auto industry career for you. 

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Customer service representatives help customers to fulfill their auto service requests

Skills of Successful Customer Service Representatives

In order to perform their duties effectively, customer service representatives benefit from having  a few key skills. Given the amount of time that these professionals spend on the phone listening to customer questions and requests and fulfilling them accordingly, it’s vital that customer service reps have strong communication skills. Communication skills enable customer service reps to accurately record information from clients, ensure customer satisfaction, and avoid any mistakes when creating service orders and invoices. 

In addition to communication skills, it’s also important for customer service representatives to have solid problem solving skills. In order to effectively help customers, these professionals must be able to determine the solution that best suits their needs, whether that’s placing a service order, ordering a spare part or transferring a customer to another department that can best answer their question.

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Customer service representatives are strong communicators

Lastly, when working in the auto industry, it’s important that customer service representatives are organized. These representatives must be able to enter and store customer information, keeping track of invoices, service orders, billing information, and more. Organizational skills help these professionals to avoid losing key information, while ensuring that requests are completed on time. If you’re a good communicator, problem solver, and possess strong organizational skills, you may want to consider becoming a customer service representative after mechanics school.

Launching a Career as a Customer Service Rep

Does a career as a customer service representative in the auto industry sound right for you? The path to your future is closer than you might think. When you complete your training at CATI’s automotive career school, you’ll be able to build the skills necessary to transition into a career in a matter of months. With expertise in the automotive repair industry, you’ll be able to effectively help customers obtain the help they need to keep their vehicles running smoothly. Don’t hesitate – find the program that’s right for you today!

Are you interested in becoming a mechanic or some other automotive professional?

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