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Auto Training School Students! Check Out These Mountune Updates for the Ford Focus RS

Published on May 19, 2016 by in Blog, CATI

Ford Focus RS

Blink and you’ll miss it. The new 2016 Ford Focus RS is as beautiful as it is quick, doing 0-100 in 4.6 seconds—stock. 350hp will do that. The new hot hatch is basically a rally car disguised as a city driver, but auto training school students will know that even though this car can make getting groceries fun, it can also compete on the race track. For those seeking to do either of those activities, but faster, Mountune—the British auto tuner making aftermarket parts for Ford cars—will be releasing kits for a variety of ways to customize the new Ford hatchback very shortly.

Read on to discover what auto training school students need to know about what Mountune has in store for future Ford Focus RS owners.

What Students at Auto Training School Need to Know About Rear Engine Mounts

Students at auto training school may be interested to learn that the new Focus RS’s 2.3 litre four-cylinder Ecoboost engine is an upgraded version of the same engine used within the Ford Mustang. And it produces a ton of power. As you might soon learn throughout your studies, torque is one way to measure engine power—it is a twisting force that eventually makes the wheels spin quickly. This twisting force can sometimes cause an engine to move, and with a strong engine comes the need to keep them firmly in place. That’s why Mountune has a new rear-engine mount designed to keep the engine of the re-designed Focus hatchback firmly in place and keep the rubber spinning.

Rubber Upgrade: Automotive Students Will See the Focus Take a Turn for the Better

Mountune has new wheels in store for the 2016 Ford Focus RS. A new set of OZ Racing Leggera HTL wheels are in the pipeline to be available for purchase for 2016 Focus owners very soon. The wheels are matched specifically for the Focus RS brakes and suspension to ensure that they not only fit well, but also give the best performance possible. They are also incredibly light; each wheel is 3.7lbs lighter than the stock wheels, making that 350hp move the car much faster.

Students in Auto Training School Will Like the New Computer Control Upgrade for the Focus

As students in automotive training programs know, all the power and performance of a car is controlled through an engine control unit (ECU)—the car’s technological nerve centre. When an ECU is upgraded, it can be adjusted so that the engine produces more power. Upgraded ECUs can increase the efficiency of the way the fuel and air is mixed in order to produce greater hp outputs. In much the same way a smarter laptop can allow you to browse the web faster, a smarter ECU would allow Focus owners to drive faster.

Shorter Throws and Faster Gear Changes: Info for Automotive Training Students

When a driver shifts gears, there is a pause in acceleration that comes from when the engine clutch disconnects the gears from the engine while the gears shift. This process results in a momentary loss of power, so the shorter this process can be made the better.

Shorter shifters make for faster gear changes and faster cars

Shorter shifters make for faster gear changes and faster cars

That’s why Mountune is developing a short-throw shifter for the new Focus. A short-throw shifter is smaller in length than a stock shifter, meaning less time switching between gears and more time with the driver`s feet on the gas pedal.

The new Ford Focus RS upgrades are game changers.

Want to learn more about how upgrading your automotive training can change your game?

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