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7 Resume Writing Mistakes for Mechanics to Avoid

Published on February 19, 2019 by in Blog, CATI

When it comes to your resume, you want to get it right. You only have a few quick moments of a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention before they decide whether your resume goes in the no or yes pile. While this may sound intimidating, with a little extra effort and diligence, you can create a resume that’s sure to impress.

During auto repair school, you’ll gain plenty of hands-on experience that will look great on your resume. In addition to that experience, you can make sure your resume is top notch by avoiding common mistakes made by new graduates.

Want to learn more about writing a good resume after automotive mechanic courses? Keep reading to see our infographic about seven common resume writing mistakes to avoid.

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7 Resume Writing Mistakes for Mechanics to Avoid

  • On average, an employer spends 3 minutes and 14 seconds looking at a resume
  • 20% of recruiters form a conclusion about a candidate within 60 seconds

How can you make the most of your resume?

Avoid these mistakes to make sure you shine.

1. Wrong: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

Right: Thoroughly proofread your work so it’s error free!

Pro tip: Ask a friend or family member to double check for mistakes

59% of hiring recruiters will put a resume in the no pile if it contains grammatical or spelling errors

2. Wrong: Creating one resume to use for every single job application

Right: Customize your resume to each unique job listing

Pro tips: Make sure to list any specific skills you have that the employer is looking for

Use keywords from the job listing throughout your resume

3. Wrong: Using complicated formats and layouts

Right: Create an easy-to-read resume

Pro tip: Stick with one or two fonts

Did you know? 44% of hiring managers reject a resume that uses complicated layout

31% reject a resume that uses inappropriate fonts

4. Wrong: Using the name of the wrong company

Right: Double check that you update any mention of the company’s name

Pro tip: Update the name of your resume file to include the company’s name

5. Wrong: Briefly describing job duties without any detail

Right: Use verbs to make your resume more impactful

Demonstrate how your responsibilities improved the business!

50% of hiring managers reject a resume because the language is too casual

6. Wrong: Lying about your qualifications

Right: Being truthful about your skills

Pro tips: Many new graduates don’t realize how much experience they already have

Don’t underestimate your experience, even if it wasn’t at an official auto shop

Volunteering and personal projects can count as experience!

Did you know? 5% of candidates are dishonest about their former role and responsibilities

10% of applications lie about the time spent in previous positions

7. Wrong: Using resume clichés

Right: Write original points and back them up with examples

Pro tip: Recruiters read phrases like “hard worker” and “team player” all day long

Did you know? 50% of hiring managers will toss a resume that uses cheesy clichés

By using these resume tips, you can create a top-notch resume that’s sure to impress hiring managers!


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