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5 Unusual Study Tips for Students in Auto Mechanic Schools

Published on April 16, 2020 by in CATI

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When you take the steps to become an auto mechanic, most of the learning you do will be in the shop, or maybe practicing on your own vehicle. However, it shouldn’t surprise you that textbook learning and studying at home are also a key part of the process if you want to become an expert in this industry.

As many people have had to shift their typical routines to be temporarily home-based, it’s the perfect time to learn a few extra study tips to keep your auto skills sharp.

How can you make sure you absorb your hands-on experience with cars and remember the knowledge you gain from your auto courses? Keep reading for some surprising answers!


As you may already know before you begin any training for mechanics, the job involves physical labour. For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to stay in shape.But did you know that physical activity can also enhance your studying?

training for mechanics

Staying physically fit will help you with your mechanic training

Professional researchers have found that there is a connection between exercise and learning. Dr John J. Ratey claims that exercise supports brain activity in three ways. It improves alertness and attention, it prepares nerve cells to take in new information, and it helps develop even more nerve cells. Not to mention the endorphins you get!

2. Pretend You’re the Teacher

This tip is based on the idea that there is a difference between memorization and understanding. For example, if you’ve memorized the components of an exhaust system, that doesn’t mean you understand how it works.

One of the best ways to test your understanding of new knowledge is to try to explain it to someone else. Give yourself bonus points if you can explain it to someone who doesn’t have car mechanics training. If no one is around, that’s okay. You can also try writing out an explanation of the steps for diagnosing a problem, replacing a part, or anything else you’re studying.

3. Visualize Your Car Mechanics Training

Many professionals who have to combine physical know how with textbook knowledge benefit from visual learning. As a mechanic, some regular tasks like changing engine oil or doing other scheduled maintenance may become part of your muscle memory, but how does this happen?

Repetition helps, but if you want to enhance your memory and proficiency, try visualizing a repair or procedure in your head. The parts that you have difficulty remembering let you know what you need to work on. When you are able to lay out all the steps without a car in front of you, it will be so much easier on the shop floor.

car mechanics training

Take what you learn with a car in the shop and visualize it later

4. Rest Up

Similar to getting exercise, getting rest is important to your physical and mental agility. According to experts, there is research to suggest that when you learn something new, your ability to remember will be affected by whether or not you have had enough sleep.

Another way to look at this is to try to keep your study schedule organized and make sure rest is a part of your plan. For example, if you’re preparing for a test, try to study a bit every day, so you don’t have to stay up late the night before.

5. Reward Yourself

Let yourself enjoy a job well done and celebrate progress, big or small. Also, if you have a little reward set up for yourself at the end of a study session, it may help keep you motivated and focused as you study to become anauto mechanic.

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