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4 Coolest Cars from the 1980s that Car Repair Training Students Should See

Published on June 9, 2016 by in Blog, CATI

If you could have a garage filled with automobiles from any era, what era would you chose? The following cars make a great case for the 1980s to be your decade of choice. As Japanese cars began to gain a major foothold in the Western world, car styles, prices and performances were forever altered, and as a car repair training student, you might even see some of them still on the road today.

Read on to discover some interesting facts about some of the best cars from the 1980s.

Car Repair Training Students Will Love the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Production of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth first began in 1986 in Europe. The car began as a two door model, but became popular and was followed with a four door model as well. The original two door model was quick, with an engine that churned out over 200bhp. It ended up allowing Ford to compete in motor touring and rally events, as the engine was perfect for tuning and modifying. Ford decided to take the car even further, by producing the Sierra RS500 Cosworth which was a track ready, turbocharged version of the original Sierra. It ended up being one of the best cars Ford ever built, as proven by the fact that one recently sold at auction for over $160,000 CAN.

Students in Auto Mechanic Training School Love the Porsche 944

Released to the U.S. market in 1983, this Porsche was what Porsche owners call a ‘pure Porsche’—a car that was built for the driver’s pleasure. The Porsche 944 became the middle ground between the small price-tag of the Porsche 924 and the great performance of the Porsche 911 SC. The car featured iconic pop-up headlamps and a winged rear fender that set the car’s looks apart from any other car at the time. It sold extremely well amongst baby-boomers who were recovering from the economic downturn and getting their first taste of affluence. It should be noted that many Porsche 944s from the 80’s are still on the road, but require a lot of maintenance from professionals with automotive repair training.

Many Porsche 944s are still on the road today

Many Porsche 944s are still on the road today

Automotive Repair Training Students Should Know the Toyota MR2 is a Legend

Featuring a rear-wheel drive system fitted with a rear mounted engine, the Japanese Toyota MR2 did what was usually reserved for British or Italian sports cars. The MR2 first arrived in the U.S. in 1985, and made its mark. Although it was only fitted with an engine capable of 112 bhp, the light weight (2,350 pounds) of the MR2 made it a very quick car, going 0-110 kph in 8.5 seconds. As students in auto mechanic training school might know, in 1988 Toyota released a supercharged version to the U.S. market and went on to receive the ‘Import Car of the Year’ award from Motor Trend.

The BMW E24 635 CSi is a Beautiful Car for Car Repair Training Students to Admire

Often referred to as a ‘land shark’ for its power and aggressive stance, the E24 635 CSi is arguably the most beautiful BMW ever produced. BMW released an ‘M’ version of the car, the badge they give to more finely tuned and performance oriented BMWs, which topped out at almost 300bhp and came standard with a five speed manual. The video below shows the magnificent lines of the car that have made it look just as impressive today as when it arrived in the 80s.

Whether from Japanese, German, or North American auto makers, some of the most amazing cars in history come from the 1980s.

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