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3 Ways to Stay Focused at Work After Dispatcher Courses

Published on March 16, 2017 by in Blog, CATI

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A regular 9-5 workday can be long. It’s normal for someone’s attention to drift at times, and for professionals to not be as productive as they would always like to be. However, being able to focus when you need to is a valuable tool to have. It can help ensure that important work gets done on schedule and that you perform your work to a high standard.

There are a few tactics you can use to improve your focus and make sure that the work you do is done well. Here are a few focus boosters you might want to try during your future career in dispatching.

1. In Your Career After Truck Dispatcher Training, Do One Thing at a Time

People can claim to be great multitaskers as much as they want, but the science is in: we’re all bad at it. Multitasking makes people less productive, less capable of avoiding distraction, and slower at switching between tasks.

While some interruptions might be unavoidable for dispatchers, you can do your best to avoid multitasking by focusing on just one thing at a time. Don’t look at emails while on a call with truckers, for example, and avoid the temptation to check up on projects that aren’t your immediate priority. Following these steps will allow you to focus on your work more easily, and can help you maintain a high level of performance.

2. Better Health Can Mean Better Focus, So Try to Take Care of Yourself

There is no separation between mind and body. The food and drinks you consume affect your mental state and ability to concentrate, as does your overall physical fitness. If you’re having difficulty focusing, or if you want to turbo-charge your brain and become a productivity machine, living a healthy lifestyle can be a great way to get results.

A nutritious breakfast of lightly sweetened oatmeal, a healthy salad for lunch, and energizing snacks like nuts or fruit can keep your energy levels up, and will allow you to avoid sugar crashes late in the afternoon. Getting in a bit of exercise every day, likewise, will help you maintain a good level of energy while at work.

It can take a bit of effort to live healthily, but the payoff will be worth it. Take care of yourself and you can enjoy a higher level of focus and productivity in your career after dispatcher courses.

3. After Your Dispatcher Courses, Break Up Large Tasks Into Multiple Smaller Ones

Whether you’re auditing a bunch of log books, reviewing safety records, or doing other tasks after your truck dispatcher training, facing a large project can be intimidating. It might be difficult to know how or where to begin, and this confusion can lead to decreased focus or procrastination. To get around this, a common tactic is to take a little time to analyze the work, break it into component parts, and tackle each of those steps one at a time.

Instead of needing to do one big job, you now need to focus on completing several smaller, easier-to-accomplish tasks—a much easier thing to do. As you check tasks off the list, you can build momentum and confidence to finish the work on time.

Do you want to make transportation operations training your next focus?

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