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Auto Mechanic Training 101: 5 Often Neglected Maintenance Tasks to Remember

Published on May 17, 2018 by in Blog

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Any vehicle that you see on the road is a complex mix of subtle engineering which ensures high performance and safety for passengers. Auto mechanics know the ins and outs of these vehicles, and are able to spot the subtle mechanical glitches which require some tweaking.

Ongoing vehicle maintenance allows components to last longer, thus preventing the need for much more expensive and time-consuming repairs. Mechanics understand the value of regular maintenance, and carry out checks that a car owner often overlooks. Here are a few of the tasks which top-class auto service technicians always look out for.

1. Tires Should Be Checked for Much More Than Just Inflation

Tires are more complex than they look, so giving them a kick to check air pressure isn’t a thorough enough check. If a driver has noted that their vehicle is pulling slightly in one direction, or that the steering wheel is off centre when driving straight, then check whether the wheels are aligned correctly. Uneven tread wear is also a sign of more serious mechanical problems, including the need for tire balancing. This task involves the reorganization of dislodged weights within the tire, and it can be mastered during training for mechanics.

2. Vehicles Need Lots of Fluid to Function Properly

The constant grinding of mechanical parts creates lots of heat and friction. This needs to be managed on an ongoing basis, or else serious faults will occur. Radiator coolant should always be topped up to prevent the engine from overheating. Engine oil and transmission fluid are also important lubricants which should be changed at regular intervals. The best auto mechanics check the status of these vital fluids during vehicle servicing, because irritating breakdowns could quickly follow if these tasks are ignored.

Top up or replace engine oil to make sure the vehicle runs smoothly

Top up or replace engine oil to make sure the vehicle runs smoothly

3. Replacing Air Filters Is a Key Focus During Auto Mechanic Training

As well as fluid, the engine needs air to run efficiently. The engine filter captures nasty dirt, dust, or bugs before they are sucked under the hood. These filters must, of course, be routinely replaced, or else airflow to the engine becomes disrupted. It’s just a matter of opening the air filter box and removing the dirty air filter located within. If it’s clogged up with dirt, replace it with a new air filter which fits securely in place. This task helps the engine last longer and increases fuel efficiency.

4. Wiper Blades Are an Important Safety Feature on a Vehicle

These may not be seen as critical vehicle components, but wiper blades still require attention. The rubber lining on the blade becomes worn as time goes by, eventually hindering its ability to remove rain, snow, or bugs from the windshield. This becomes a tremendous danger while driving because visibility is reduced. When replacing blades, make sure that they are the correct size for each particular car model, because a variety of different lengths are available.

Damaged wiper blades reduce driver visibility

Damaged wiper blades reduce driver visibility

5. Mechanics Make Sure Braking Systems Are Properly Maintained

Brakes are another vital safety component, but deficiencies are more difficult to spot. Auto mechanic training ensures that future mechanics have the expertise to recognize and repair problems with the braking system. Badly worn brake pads increase the stopping distance of a vehicle, putting passengers at risk. Drivers may overlook the health of brake pads because it usually requires the removal of the tire, but fully trained mechanics make sure to give it plenty of attention in the workshop.

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