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5 Items that Help You Look the Part at Automotive Technician Training

Published on September 6, 2018 by in Blog

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You might not associate garages and other motoring workshops with dress codes, but it’s even more important to wear the right gear there than in an office environment. The hands-on work carried out by auto mechanics puts them in contact with a lot of rugged, heavy machinery, as well as oils and other products. Suitable workwear provides comfort and safety throughout a busy day on the job.

Daily wear and tear will eventually render these pieces of clothing ineffective, so replace them regularly to stay safe and comfortable. Let’s take a closer look at five must-have items for a career in auto repair.

1. Protect Your Ears in a Loud Working Environment

Let’s start from the top, with a body part that often goes overlooked. The ear drums are very sensitive, and it’s important to keep them protected from loud noises and the sparks generated during auto repair work.

A set of ear muffs will do the job when working with loud machinery, so keep them in a convenient location at all times. Ear plugs are also a good option, but take a little bit more time to put in place. Just squeeze them between your fingers, pull up the top of your ear, and place the plugs into both ear canals.

2. Use Eye Protection to Guard Against Splashes and Sparks

Dedicated masks are obviously needed for welding, but don’t take your eyes for granted with many other common repair tasks during and after automotive technician training. Whether you’re working under the hood or under the car itself, the eyes need to be kept safe. Safety glasses will block any potential debris, so get yourself a good set that are comfortable to wear.

Protect your vision by wearing comfortable safety goggles

Protect your vision by wearing comfortable safety goggles

3. Comfortable Coveralls Are a Big Asset in Automotive College

Ventilation is very important in any auto repair workshop, which means that the doors are almost always open. That leaves workers open to the elements, whether it’s the warmth of summer or the sharp cold of winter. A good set of coveralls allow workers to regulate their body temperature, and also protects their skin from solvents, grease, and sparks. They’re also very convenient for storing bolts and other small fittings when carrying out intricate repair tasks.

4. Keep a Selection of Safety Gloves for Different Repair Tasks

Working with ratchets, electrical equipment, and all sorts of mechanical fluids leaves the hands very exposed. Take precautionary measures by wearing mechanic’s gloves which absorb the impact of carrying and working with heavy tools. The rubber lining on the palms and fingers give them a good grip, but still allows them to be light enough to give the worker flexibility during jobs. Use disposable nitrile gloves when working with chemicals and oil, to prevent any skin soreness.

5. Rugged Footwear Prevents Long and Short-Term Injury

Don’t overlook suitable footwear in any part of your life, particularly at automotive college. Auto mechanics spend a lot of time on their feet, so choose a pair that provides long-lasting comfort. These boots should be steel-toe capped to guard against any heavy items dropped in the workshop. You’ll be glad to have spent that extra bit of cash if ever something falls near your toes. Leather will stand up to the daily wear and tear of a garage. Also make sure they’re waterproof to guard against any spills.

Choose long-lasting, top quality footwear for your auto repair career

Choose long-lasting, top quality footwear for your auto repair career

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