Best Trucking Software of 2015: A Guide for Transport Operations Students

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On any given day, transportation dispatchers tackle a wide variety of tasks, and sometimes keeping up with the duties involved in this role can become challenging. Trucking software can make a dispatcher’s work day much easier, by providing a centralized place where these professionals can track drivers, manage billing, and much more.

If you’re planning to pursue a career in dispatch, read on for a closer look at the features of some of 2015’s best trucking programs.

Degama: Transport Operations Meets Enhanced Accounting

Degama was founded in 1984, bringing over 30 years of experience to the transport operations industry. The company has a background in providing accounting solutions, and its trucking software is especially handy for invoicing and order management. Dispatchers can quickly provide quotes to customers, add unexpected surcharges, and much more with just the click of a button.
With this software, dispatchers are also able to easily assign loads, move orders, and add notes and details to specific orders in the event that there are special instructions. Degama makes it easy for dispatchers to communicate with drivers, as well as track loads through GPS. Using this software, dispatchers can also customize the layout on their screen to set-up a look they’re comfortable with.

SOAR Solutions: Transport Operations with a Focus on Safety Management

The SOAR Solutions software has all the bells and whistles of fully integrated trucking software, with a few features that set it apart from the pack. Logging driver hours is one of the most fundamental things you’ll learn how to do in a truck dispatcher course, and SOAR software makes that process much easier.  A built-in app for drivers allows them to log their hours into the system directly from their mobile devices, while they’re on the road.
SOAR Solutions Software also places a big focus on safety management. Both drivers and dispatchers are able to record incident reports and log safety hazards in real-time. SOAR also allows managers to log updates to a company’s safety policies, records safety meetings, and track employee safety as well as training history.

Teletrac: Cloud-Based Transport Operations Management

This cloud-based software includes a wide variety of features that would eliminate a lot of the paperwork from the dispatcher role. Drivers also have access to a mobile app that enables two-way communication with dispatchers, and also provides a live navigation service, should they not be able to find their destination.
Because the software is cloud-based, dispatchers have immediate access to important information, such as vehicle inspection reports, which can help ensure truck issues are logged and repaired before they become major problems. Additionally, this software provides enhanced vehicle tracking so that dispatchers know where any truck in the fleet is at all times, and it even provides 24-hour tracking support in the case of stolen vehicles or cargo.
Not only do trucking programs ensure that a dispatcher’s job is much easier, they also increase communication as well as save transportation companies time and money. And of course, using such programs can also help companies ensure customer satisfaction.
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