Automotive Detailing Training in Surrey

Auto detailers improve the look of new and pre-owned vehicles by giving them a thorough interior and exterior inspection, cleaning, and reconditioning. Using a variety of equipment and products, these professionals are responsible for making vehicles look neat and polished.

ATC’s Automotive Detailing Training Program in Surrey, BC

Automotive Training Center (ATC) provides students in Surrey with the comprehensive automotive detailing training they need to make vehicles look showroom-ready. ATC’s campus is conveniently located close to downtown Surrey, where expert instructors teach key elements of auto detailing such as:

  • Introduction to Professional Automotive Detailing (P.A.D.)
  • Exterior Preparation and Interior Reconditioning
  • Used Vehicle Exterior Reconditioning
  • Vehicle Paint Surface Repair And Reconditioning
  • Workplace Introduction And Major Shop Projects

Students are instructed on a wide variety of automotive surfaces, finishes and materials in a real shop environment.

Auto Detailer Job Description and Projected Demand in Surrey, BC

Graduates of ATC’s automotive detailing training program can find employment in new or pre-used car dealerships, garages, detail shops or vehicle rental outlets in Surrey.

On the job, auto detailers perform a wide variety of duties, which include:

  • Cleaning and reconditioning the vehicle’s exterior
  • Cleaning all trash, debris and dirt from the interior of the vehicle
  • Shampooing carpets and upholstery
  • Vacuuming floors, seats and trunk
  • Conditioning vinyl and leather
  • Using special products (foams & detergents) designed for specific types of microfibers
  • Polishing the dashboard, steering wheel, trims and moldings inside the vehicle
  • Cleaning door frames and instrument panels
  • Cleaning all glass on the vehicle, inside and out, with the appropriate type of cleaning solution
  • Cleaning all mirrors with the proper substance
  • Steam cleaning the engine and under the hood
  • Waxing and buffing vehicles after washing
  • Polishing all chrome trim on the vehicle using special chrome cleaners
  • Using air compressors and special equipment to dry the inside and outside surfaces
  • Cleaning the headlights, brake lights and taillights
  • Fixing minor scratches and chips with touch-up paint
  • Managing the inventory of cleaning supplies

The average Canadian salary for an auto detailer is $34,709. Because graduates qualify for employment in several areas of the automotive market, there is steady demand for auto detailers in BC.

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