Attn. Students in Auto Mechanic Programs: Here's What We Know About the BMW X7

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BMW fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the X7 may have to hold out a little longer. The SUV, which will be the company’s largest ever, has been rumoured to be in development in some form for almost 17 years.
While previous reports had indicated a 2018 release date, BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch has said the X7 isn’t likely to be released until 2019, although a concept version may be unveiled before that. Despite the continued delays, the automaker has made some details about the vehicle known, allowing auto enthusiasts to piece together a picture of what it might look like when it finally hits showrooms.
For students in auto mechanics courses, the wait is only adding to the intrigue, as anticipation builds for a vehicle that could mark a radical departure for the automaker.

Why the Wait? The X7 Delay Explained for Students in Auto Mechanic Programs

There have been rumours of BMW developing a large-sized luxury SUV since the launch of the X5 in 1999, but the automaker has always been hesitant to push forward with plans, feeling that the model would be too much of a departure from its core values.
It was finally confirmed a couple of years ago that BMW was developing the X7, which received the internal code name of F17. However, rising fuel prices and an economic downturn in 2013 led the company to delay putting anything into production.
But with the current cheap gas prices and large SUVs experiencing a revival in popularity, the company is pressing ahead once again. BMW fans enrolled in auto mechanic programs probably shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet, though, as the market could easily experience more change before 2019.

What Students Pursuing Car Mechanics Training Can Expect from The X7

The X7 is considered a potential competitor for Range Rover and the Bentley Bentayga, and will have room for 7 passengers as standard, with considerable cargo space. The powertrain options will range from a twin-powered six cylinder V8 engine to a V12 for the top-range model.
It’s also possible that a plug-in hybrid version will be offered to appeal to more environmentally conscious consumers, while an 8-speed Steptronic transmission should be standard across the range. The starting price for a basic X7 is rumoured to be approximately $187,000.

Some of the engine specs for the X7 have already surfaced
Some of the engine specs for the X7 have already surfaced

Why The X7 Might Seem Familiar to Students in Auto Mechanic Programs
While the X7 might seem very different to other BMWs, students pursuing car mechanics training can expect it to share some specifications with existing models. It will share the same platform as future generations of the X5 and X6, with BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system as standard and similar infotainment systems offered. The vehicle is also expected to have a similar weight to the X5, despite being larger, with the automaker planning to use large amounts of aluminum and high strength steel in production.

The X7 will share the same platform as the X5
The X7 will share the same platform as the X5

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