Attending Mechanic School? 4 Tips for Handling Mass Auto Industry Recalls

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Vehicle safety is of the utmost priority within the auto industry, making it especially important for automotive professionals to be familiar with the procedure that should follow a mass recall. Typically, a mass recall will involve drivers bringing their vehicles to designated dealers and certified repair shops for a specific repair, which is paid for by the manufacturer responsible for the mistake. 
If you’re considering a career in the auto industry, knowing how to help customers navigate the recall process and understanding your role will enable you to make this process as safe, efficient, and effective as possible. Below, discover four tips for handling mass auto industry recalls.

1. Professionals with Auto Repair Training Recalls Should Prioritize Communication with Vehicle Owners

While it might seem surprising, many vehicle owners simply turn a blind eye when informed about a recall on their vehicle. However, both for the safety of drivers and for the sake of benefiting from a free repair, it’s crucial that all vehicle owners pay attention to any mass recalls within the automotive industry. After becoming a mechanic, ensure that your customers are aware of any issued recalls by communicating with them any relevant information about the recall status of their vehicle. Today, each vehicle is equipped with a vehicle identification number, and customers can search to see whether their vehicle is up for a recall (either a repair or replacement) within Canada’s national database for recalls. 

It’s important to communicate with vehicle owners in the case of a recall
It’s important to communicate with vehicle owners in the case of a recall

2. Assess the Risk that a Recall Poses to a Vehicle 

Some recalls should be heeded with more urgency than others. A manufacturer will always accompany a recall notice with any relevant safety advice, which can be used to understand the risk that is posed to a driver of the vehicle in question. As a professional working within the automotive industry, your extensive knowledge of vehicle mechanics and technology will enable you to gauge the severity of a recall. Once you have an idea of the risk posed, you’ll be able to anticipate the amount of customers who will seek your repair services, allowing you to prepare for the demand you’ll face.

3. Conduct Repairs in Line with Manufacturer Instructions

Once a recall is made by an automotive manufacturer, the recall will be accompanied by specific protocols for repair or replacement of vehicle components for technicians who are certified to perform the repair. As a professional with auto repair training, you may be one of the certified persons responsible for handling the repair. After assessing the recall itself, take the time to familiarize yourself with the repair process you’ll be conducting. As a mass auto industry recall will involve thousands of vehicles, it’s important that you have a solid understanding of the procedure in question, as you will be performing this same procedure on many different vehicles. 

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the repair process associated with the recall
Take the time to familiarize yourself with the repair process associated with the recall

4. Document the Completion of the Recall

The sheer volume of vehicles and repairs involved in a typical mass auto industry recall makes documentation especially important in this event. Once the recalled vehicle has been repaired, don’t forget to complete the necessary paperwork, inform the manufacturer responsible for issuing the recall, and supply the customer with all relevant documentation and information surrounding the repair. This will ensure that there is no confusion about whether the issue has been resolved, providing valuable data to the manufacturing company about the status of their recall efforts.
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