Anticipation Growing for Tesla Model X Electric SUV

tesla model x
Tesla Motors has unveiled an ultra-modern electric SUV model for spring 2015 production: the Model X. Speculators agree that this luxury SUV will be based off of the company’s incredibly successful Model S, estimated to be priced slightly higher than its current selling value of $69,000 USD. With the SUV market rising by 8% for smaller models and 28% for larger models, the Model X will be targeting the highest growing market for SUVs in North America. Anticipation for this vehicle has already led 15,000 people to place orders for the vehicle, which requires a $5,000 deposit. Needless to say, people have high hopes that this SUV will be the next best thing for innovation and the environment.
Here are the key features of the Model X which have so far been revealed:

Electric Engine

The Tesla Model X has an electric engine and therefore doesn’t use gasoline at all. It is likely there will be two of these engines to power the all-wheel drive: one in the back and one in front. Few other details have been released about the engine, although the company has stated the SUV will have the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 in five seconds. If you are undergoing auto mechanic training, you may find it worth your time to research electric engines, especially those by Tesla. Auto mechanic schools will increasingly include the study of electric technology in their programs, as more car makers are turning to electrical and computerized functions in their designs.
The Model X will come with the option of a 60kWh or 85kWh battery, depending on how much money you’re wishing to dish out and what your performance needs are. To get an idea of the probable power capabilities, the Tesla Model S with a 60kWh battery can travel 230 miles on a single charge, and the 85 kWh can do 300.

 tesla model x2

Falcon Wing Doors

Yes, you heard correctly – not gull-wing, falcon wing doors. These doors fold into themselves as they are raised, ideal for urban parking and garages where space is not always an option. The Tesla website claims that owners will “step instead of climb” into the Model X thanks to these falcon-wing doors. No doubt they will offer great access to the seven-seat interior, which includes front facing third row seating.

Touchscreen Dash

No more fiddling with dials or buttons, the entire dash of this SUV is to be touchscreen, just like the Model S. The screen has a 17 inch display—imagine a giant tablet with the ability for GPS, entertainment, air conditioning and pretty much anything else you could need for an SUV. If your interest is to become a mechanic, being proficient in these types of computer technologies is becoming more and more relevant.

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