careers for the automotive and transportation industries

Alignment & Brake Service Technician
Training in Cambridge

Careers for the Automotive and Transportation Industries

Alignment and Brake Service Technicians perform wheel alignments on vehicles using specialized equipment and wheel-balancing machines. They also inspect, diagnose and conduct repairs on suspension systems and frames, braking and steering systems, as well as tires, wheels, rims and hubs.

ATC’s Alignment and Brake Service Technician Training Program in Cambridge

Automotive Training Center (ATC) provides both the theory and hands-on training students need to launch successful careers as alignment and brake service technicians in Cambridge. Courses are delivered at ATC Cambridge’s cutting-edge facility and cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Automotive Industry and Shop Safety
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service Wheels, Tires, Hubs and Bearings
  • Operation and Servicing of Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Operation & Service Suspension Systems
  • Operation & Service Steering Systems
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Servicing the Drive Lines and Drive Axles
  • Electrical Fundamentals

Job Description and Projected Demand for Alignment and Brake Service Technicians in Cambridge, ON

Graduates of ATC’s alignment and brake service training program will be equipped with the diagnostic and repair skills needed to work in:

  • New car dealers
  • Retail automotive repair facilities
  • Custom and specialty shops
  • Heavy-duty truck repair facilities
  • Organizations with fleet vehicles

Graduates who are gainfully employed as alignment and brake service technicians perform a wide variety of challenging day-to-day tasks, which include:

  • Test, diagnose, adjust and repair automotive systems, including brakes, suspension and steering, wheels, bearings, alignment, welding and manual drive train, axles, and tires
  • Align and balance wheels and tires
  • Perform oil and filter changes, cooling system flushes, and fuel system service
  • Automatic transmission service, flush and filter changes
  • Complete maintenance inspections
  • Inspect and service hydraulic system components
  • Perform both manual and pressure bleeding of hydraulic systems
  • Perform pre-alignment inspections
  • Perform metal jointing by soldering, brazing, gas welding and electric welding
  • Perform steel cutting with metals of different thickness on a bench and overhead using an oxy/fuel torch
  • Service universal and CV joints
  • Service and test the batteries and charging and starting systems

On average, alignment and brake service technicians earn an annual salary of $45,000 in Canada. There is a steady demand for trained alignment and break specialists in Ontario due to the retiring baby boomer generation, and the country’s increase in auto sales.

Get your alignment and brake specialist career rolling today by enrolling at ATC Cambridge!