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Air Conditioning and Retrofit Training
in Surrey


Automotive service technicians who complete air conditioning certification become familiar with all components of a vehicle’s air conditioning unit, and are able to perform refills, repairs or replacements.

ATC’s Air Conditioning and Retrofit Training Program in Surrey, BC

Automotive Training Center (ATC) provides a 12-hour intensive air conditioning and retrofit training program at their state-of-the-art facility located near downtown Surrey.

Experienced instructors deliver the comprehensive air conditioning program, which covers the fundamentals of automotive air conditioning systems, such as refrigerant theory. Students also receive hands-on training with air conditioning equipment, and will learn proper diagnosing and servicing techniques, such as recycling and charging.

The program is offered over the course of 2 full Saturdays, and is recognized as an ICBC C.A.R. shop upgrading course.

Tuition Fees are $249 + HST, which include the course textbook. Upon completion of the program, students will receive their air conditioning certification.

Get the air conditioning and retrofit training you need by enrolling at ATC Surrey today!