A Quick Guide to Air-Ride Truckloads for Students at Dispatch Schools

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Dispatchers deal with all kinds of different shipments, from refrigerated foods and beverages to furniture, cars, and more. Shipping more fragile goods such as TVs, glassware, and other items often means finding ways to keep them safe from damage as they travel over long distances. To keep fragile goods in one piece, shipping companies will often opt for air-ride trucks, designed to protect this type of cargo.
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Why Air-Ride Suspension Systems Give Dispatchers Peace of Mind

Drivers transporting various delicate goods across even a short distance can easily hit a strong enough bump that could cause damage. It’s for this reason that shipping companies rely on the dependability of trucks equipped with something called an air-ride suspension. An air-ride suspension system essentially prevents delicate goods from breaking or shattering if trucks drive over roads that are uneven or really bumpy. By switching out the steel leaf springs used on most trucks for a special kind of air bag that inflates with the help of a compressor, air-ride suspension systems provide a smoother ride.

Air-ride truckloads are the safest way to transport fragile goods
Air-ride truckloads are the safest way to transport fragile goods

Grads of dispatch schools can breathe easy knowing that when these trucks drive over potholes, the air-ride suspension can adjust to absorb the shock. Air-ride suspension systems are also really great for absorbing a lot of shaking and road vibration, which after a while could cause fragile glass and ceramic goods to crack. Using a truck with an air-ride suspension system means dispatchers can worry a bit less about transporting fragile goods over longer distances.

Air-Ride Suspension Systems Can Be Used for All Kinds of Delicate Freight

Although air-ride suspension equipped trucks can be a bit more expensive than a standard 18-wheeler, shipping companies appreciate the opportunity it gives them to work with a wide variety of different clients.
With the help of air-ride suspension equipped trucks, dispatchers can plan routes for the delivery of products like glassware and other fragile items to stores and markets both locally and across the country. Dispatchers can also organize shipments to various retail stores selling fragile furniture, flat screen television sets, smart phones, and other delicate electronic devices.
Trucks equipped with air-ride suspension systems are also great for transporting pressurized gas containers and propane tanks. Air-ride vans and trucks can even be used for the transportation of various volatile chemicals, like fumigants and pesticides for industrial farming complexes.

A Few Things Grads with Dispatcher Training Look Out for With Air-Ride Truckloads

Grads with truck dispatcher training understand the importance of properly preparing goods for transport, and while air-ride truckloads provide the protection necessary to send goods to clients, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, dispatchers should encourage drivers and freight packers to make sure that goods are properly secured for transport.
They could use plastic wrap to secure delicate goods onto a pallet or flatbed, or use various stretch cords to keep them from moving about during transport. Shipping blankets are also an excellent way to ensure that goods with scratchable surfaces are kept safe. By keeping these important points in mind, shipping companies can ensure that even the most delicate items arrive safely at their destinations.
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