5 Small Cars With Spacious Interiors: A Guide for Students Pursuing Automotive Sales Training

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The Chevy Cruze boasts ample seat-room.

Everyone needs a car to suit their unique lifestyle, and auto sales customers can be hard to satisfy. One of the most common problems automotive sales professionals face is when customers need spacious cars—whether for their families or other commitments—and cannot afford to shell out for expensively priced larger vehicles.
Luckily, modern car designers are focusing more and more on maximizing the interior space in smaller, mid-price models. Today, auto sales professionals can offer customers a range of compact vehicles, which boast sizeable trunk space and seat-room, often at very affordable prices.
So, what are some the roomiest small cars on the market? Read on to find out.

Subaru Impreza: Space and Speed, The Complete Automotive Sales Package

The 2015 Impreza offers an impressive 43.5 inches of front legroom and 34.5 inches in the back. The sedan has 12.5 cubic meters of trunk space and also has all-wheel-drive as standard. More importantly, it is one of the fastest cars in its price range, with an acceleration of 0-100km in just 4.7 seconds, making it a great option if your future customer doesn’t want to sacrifice performance for space.

Automotive Sales Training
The Subaru Impreza offers excellent performance and great interior space.

Honda Fit EV: An Eco-Friendly Automotive Sales and Leasing Option

Automotive sales training students are reminded every day during their courses that the car industry is changing, with environmental concerns now a high priority for many customers. Those considering electric cars are often put off by a lack of space, but the Honda Fit EV changes that.
The EV offers 41.3 inches of front legroom and 35.2 inches in the rear, while the cathedral style ceiling giving ample headroom. Best of all, it has an impressive 49.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the seat down, making this a great car for customers who love wide open spaces, both inside and out.

Chevy Cruze: The Perfect Fit For Tech-Loving Automotive Sales Clients

Any auto sales student who is a fan of gadgets will be impressed by the ‘infotainment’ system on board the 2015 Chevy Cruze. The hi-tech auto acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot, includes a touchscreen display with multiple USB ports, and the Siri voice control system even reads text messages aloud for drivers.
Best of all, none of these features take up too much room, and the 35.4 inches of backseat legroom is particularly notable, making this a great choice for customers who need both space and entertainment for the whole family.

 Toyota Corolla: Always a Reliable Automotive Sales and Leasing Option

Reliable and reasonably priced, it’s no surprise that the Corolla has remained one of the world’s best-selling cars for almost 50 years. It’s also very roomy, with a short wheel-base of 102.4 inches, and 36.4 inches of backseat legroom. And as a universally recognized name that customers trust, the Corolla is a choice automotive sales and leasing professionals can feel confident recommending time and again.

Automotive Sales and Leasing
The always-reliable Toyota Corolla, one of the roomiest compact cars on the market.

Hyundai Elantra: All the Space an Auto Sales Customer Could Need

Trumping the Corolla, the Impreza, and even larger cars such as the Nissan Maxima, in overall interior volume, the Hyundai Elantra’s stylish Coupe-like design hides an incredible 110.4 cubic meters of total room. While its head and legroom are on a par with many of the other cars on this list, the Elantra’s wide body means its hip and shoulder room are far ahead of the pack. At with prices starting at just $23,580, it’s great value for customers seeking both space and style.
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