5 Reasons to Consider Starting Your Own Auto Detailing Service

Auto detailing is the perfect career path for car lovers. Many people confuse car detailing with car washing but it involves much more than that. While cleaning is often a part of the detailing process, it’s all about restoring a vehicle inside out for a fresh look and feel. There are plenty of opportunities to work in an auto shop, which is great if you have a passion for working on cars. But if you’re drawn to entrepreneurship, there are many reasons to consider starting your very own detailing service. Here are just a few!

1. Enjoy Great Profits Thanks to Low Entry Costs 

Depending on the sort of service you’re planning on offering, start-up costs can be low for auto detailing. For example, you could offer a mobile service that doesn’t require you to rent or own a shop. All you need in this case is a van and your equipment. The less you have to spend, the higher your profit margins, and the more you can re-invest in your auto detailing business. A mobile service is a perfect choice for those who are new to auto detailing. 

All you need to start an auto detailing service is a van and equipment.
All you need to start an auto detailing service is a van and equipment.

2. Auto Detailing Services Are Scalable 

Scalability refers to your business’s ability to expand. When your professional automotive detailing business has low initial costs that you’re able to pay off easily, there’s a lot of potential for growth. If you manage to gain a substantial client base and retain it, you may be able to upgrade your mobile service into a storefront, hire more people to increase your capacity, or even open up other locations. This potential for expansion can have a great motivational effect that will help you advance your career. 

3. We’ll Always Need Auto Detailers

As long as people drive cars that get scratched, dinged, or simply old, your auto detailing career will stay lucrative and recession-proof. In fact, when the economy suffers, people seek out auto detailing services more since they’d rather spend a little money to restore their vehicles than spend a large sum of money on a new one. For example, when minor accidents occur, drivers may need to have dents fixed. Additionally, over time, weather damage calls for repainting and refinishing. 

4. Build Valuable Relationships With Repeat Customers 

If you find an auto shop that consistently offered you excellent customer service, wouldn’t you stick with it? That’s how most people operate especially if you’re a convenient business and deliver great results every time. If you successfully build great customer relationships and do a good job, you might not have to spend much on marketing since word-of-mouth will do most of the advertising. Building relationships with your customers is not only profitable but also rewarding. 

When you offer quality auto detailing services, you’ll enjoy recurring business from happy customers.
When you offer quality auto detailing services, you’ll enjoy recurring business from happy customers.

5. You Can Enjoy Flexibility 

One of the major benefits of starting a business is the time flexibility it comes with. If you’d like, your auto detailing business could remain a part-time side business as you pursue other career goals. Or, it can certainly be a viable full-time career. However you choose to start your auto detailing service, here at CATI, we offer you the support you need through hands-on training and detailed lessons that take place in a real shop setting. You’ll have the experience and qualifications to get your very own business up and running in no time!


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