5 Online Marketing Tips for Auto Sales and Leasing Training Students

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Digital marketing is everywhere nowadays, and automotive sales in the 21st century is as much about selling online as it is about selling on the shop floor. From small independent dealerships to large franchises, automotive sales professionals are devoting more and more time and energy into developing websites, building their social media presence, and even analyzing data to better target their audiences.
But while most automotive customers now research their purchases online, they will still ultimately want to come down to your showroom to check out your stock in person. Online marketing in the automotive industry is about convincing customers to take that next step, and finding ways to convert your online leads into real sales.
For automotive sales students, learning about digital marketing can be a great career advantage, with many dealerships on the lookout for tech-savvy salespeople who can contribute to their online efforts. If you’re interested in this rewarding career path, here are some digital marketing tips to help you get started:

1. Add Videos Online To Give Your Auto Sales and Leasing Workplace a Boost

Most automotive customers now begin their buying process by searching online to find the right deal before visiting dealerships. Making videos showcasing your cars will provide engaging content for your website, while also allowing potential customers to browse your showroom virtually and get a more detailed look at your vehicles. Best of all, automotive leasing training students will find that they can create professional looking clips quickly and affordably, often using just a smartphone and digital editing software.

2. Engage Your Auto Sales and Leasing Customers on Social Media

With as many as two out of every three Canadians now using social media, these online platforms are now a crucial part of any dealership’s online marketing approach. That’s why creating social media profiles for your dealership on sites like Twitter and Facebook is important. It can be a great opportunity for answering questions, listening to feedback, and engaging with customers.

3. Automotive Training School Graduates Can Promote Offers Online

Many dealers find that promoting sales online actually helps word of mouth spread faster than through traditional advertising. You can also consider offering exclusive promotions or incentives to your social media followers or mailing list subscribers, which can help convert your online leads into real sales.

Promoting exclusive offers online will help get customers into your showroom
Promoting exclusive offers online will help get customers into your showroom

4. Automotive Training School Students Can Schedule Appointments with Online Leads

Another way to convert interest from online users into sales is to schedule appointments through online channels. You could add a form to your website which allows visitors to request appointments at specific times, or invite interested customers through social media to go for a test drive. Being offered an appointment with a salesperson can be especially appealing for customers, since they know they won’t be kept waiting when they arrive at the dealership.

5. Automotive Leasing Training Teaches You to Follow Up After Sales Online

As many students in auto sales and leasing training know, dealerships are built on their reputations. That’s why it’s important to provide great after-sales service online. Offering helpful information and preferential servicing to past customers, as well as actively seeking feedback about your service are terrific ways to help boost your dealership’s reputation.
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