4 Ways You Can Help Your Auto Shop Go Paperless Once You Become a Mechanic

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The automotive repair industry uses a lot of paper. In most automotive shops, you can expect to find all kinds of documents—from repair order forms to invoices—as paper hard copies stashed away in cluttered filing cabinets. However, auto shops are slowly starting to discover the many benefits of going paperless. Not only does it benefit the environment, it also streamlines operations by making documents easier to find, improves customer satisfaction by creating an easy way to provide pertinent information electronically, and it saves costs. In addition, going paperless is something auto shops can market to demonstrate their eco-friendly approach to business.
If you’re considering a career in the automotive industry, here are some ideas for going paperless that you can use in the auto shop.

1. Reduce Paper by Using Computer Generated Quotes When You Become a Mechanic

While providing quotes to customers is unavoidable and a necessary part of the auto repair process, once you become a mechanic, you don’t necessarily have to use paper to provide your customers with their quotes. A great way to reduce paper use in your shop is to switch to using computer generated quotes and showing customers quotes using a computer screen or tablet. Not only does this cut down on paper, but it also keeps everything more organized. If you ever need to refer back to the quote, you only need to click a few buttons, rather than sort through dozens of papers or files. In addition, electronic quotes are easy to send to your customers by email, adding an extra level of convenience.

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Generate quotes electronically instead of on paper to help your shop reduce paper use

2. Once You Become a Mechanic, Send Receipts by Email Instead of Printing Them

Printing receipts and repair-related documents for every repair adds up to a whole lot of paper. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s also very expensive. The costs of paper, ink, and maintaining a printer quickly add up. You can save money on printing costs by providing customers with their receipts and documentation electronically by email. In fact, this is becoming an increasingly common practice across many industries.

3. Eliminate Paper Inspection Forms Once You Become a Mechanic

As you may learn during auto mechanic training, a full vehicle inspection is commonplace in many auto shops when a customer first brings in their car. While these are typically done with a clipboard, paper form, and pen, auto shops can greatly improve efficiency and become more eco-friendly by completing these inspections electronically using a laptop or tablet. In addition, this practice makes it easier to send the inspection straight to the customer’s inbox, so if they don’t opt for every repair that day, they have a reminder at home about other services that their vehicle could benefit from.

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By eliminating paper inspection forms, you can help your shop go paperless

4. Market To and Communicate with Customers Using Email Instead of Paper Mail

Physically mailing customers coupons and brochures is a common marketing tactic in the automotive repair industry. Not only is direct mail one of the most expensive forms of marketing due to the associated printing and distribution costs, but it’s also bad for the environment. Auto shops can take bigger leaps towards going completely paperless by eliminating the use of paper in marketing initiatives. Opting for digital marketing tactics like engaging with customers on social media, by email, and through online advertising can help you save money and paper, and reach out to potential customers more effectively.
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