4 Types of Tools that Every Auto Mechanic Should Own

Auto mechanics are responsible for diagnosing and repairing cars as quickly and efficiently as possible. Students pursuing mechanic careers know that in order to fulfill their responsibilities, these professionals must have the right equipment and tools available to them at all times.
If you dream of becoming a certified automotive mechanic, you will definitely need to stock up on some important materials. Read on for a list of some of the tools that you might need, and their functions.

Auto Mechanics Understand the Importance of Hand Tools

Experts who have undergone auto mechanic training know that hand tools are an essential part of every automotive garage. While many garages stock automatic and pneumatic tools, which are much quicker and easier to use, professionals understand that traditional hand tools like wrenches and pliers are still needed to get into smaller areas of vehicles. Other hand tools that mechanics use regularly include screwdrivers, grinders, lathes and pressure gauges.

Some Auto Parts Require Specialized Tools

Students enrolled in auto mechanic courses will learn that for the most part, a wide range of tools can be used for multiple purposes when working on a car. However, there are also tools that are designed specifically for certain car parts. A few specialized tools that are great to have are tire pressure gauges, oil filter wrenches and clutch alignment tools.
Tire pressure gauges are extremely useful because they allow mechanics to easily measure and monitor the pressure of a vehicle’s tires. Oil filter wrenches are used to remove spin-on oil filters. And of course, you can probably assume what clutch alignment tools are used for! Having these tools will not only facilitate an auto mechanic’s job, but they can potentially boost business, since not every garage carries them.

Auto Mechanics Need Help Lifting Heavy Cars

Lifts and hoists are probably the most obvious tools for automotive mechanics to have. Graduates of automotive school use a wide range of lifts and hoists so that they can gain access to certain areas of the vehicles they are repairing, mainly underneath them. Of course, large garages and dealership service centers have automatic lifts, however, mechanics working in privately owned garages, or from home generally use tools like jacks, auto dollies and hoists—which are all much more affordable.

Modern Technology Means Modern Equipment for Mechanics

Prior to recent technological advances, car troubles were diagnosed by an auto mechanic after hours of testing and observing. These days however, electronic diagnostic equipment is used to help mechanics quickly determine the exact cause of a problem. Tools such as these are fantastic because they allow professionals to spend less time assessing a car and more time actually repairing it. Most electronic diagnostic devices are available on wheels or in handheld and portable versions.
Can you think of any other types of tools you might need once you earn your auto mechanic diploma?

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