4 Tips to Help Your Future Clients Maintain their Cars When You Become a Mechanic

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When a mechanic is able to win their client’s trust, the path to a great working relationship begins. The best way to achieve this? Providing free and valuable advice that will keep the client’s car operating safely and smoothly for years to come. With a strong working relationship, you can ensure that your client continues to choose you for their automotive servicing for years to come–they may even refer you to their friends! 

If you’re currently training to become a mechanic, or are thinking of doing so, you’ll soon have plenty of tools and knowledge under your belt to advise any clients who enter your shop on the best routine maintenance practices. Below, get a head start by discovering four important maintenance tips you can share with your clients in the future.

Encourage Clients to Rotate Their Tires When You Become a Mechanic

While tire rotation is something covered extensively in a mechanic school program like that offered by CATI, its necessity might not be common knowledge to some drivers. However, rotating all four tires on a vehicle increases their lifespan, and improves the speed of the vehicle and the smoothness of the ride. 

Regular tire rotation (every 4,800 to 8,000 kilometres) prevents drivers from needing to purchase new tires by preventing them from wearing down at different rates. As a mechanic, be sure to pass this tip on to your clients to help them get the most out of their tires.

After mechanic school, advise your clients to regularly rotate their tires
After mechanic school, advise your clients to regularly rotate their tires


Invest in Windshield Wipers

This tip is well known by pros who are familiar with just how much a windshield replacement can cost. However, chances are, drivers aren’t giving their windshield wipers much thought. Windshield wipers cost anywhere from $30 to $60, and they’re something that drivers can replace themselves, making this tip even more valuable for any client. 

When windshield wipers are worn or old, not only can they endanger drivers, but they can also scratch the windshield, causing the glass to deteriorate. Make sure to advise clients that they should be inspecting their windshield wipers with the change of every season to determine whether they need a replacement.

Don’t Neglect the Spare Tire

While your client may already know that their tires need to be regularly inflated to maintain pressure and improve fuel economy, after you become a mechanic, it’s important to remind clients that their spare tires will need to be inflated too. 

Just like the tires in use, spare tires will lose air over time, and if the time comes to install the spare, drivers will want to ensure that their tire can be safely used. Advise your clients to test the pressure of all their tires at least once a month.

Inform clients that spare tires need to be inflated too
Inform clients that spare tires need to be inflated too


Get an Emissions Inspection

All drivers must take their vehicle in for an emissions inspection regularly, with the specific requirement dependent on local regulations in their area. As a mechanic, it’s important to remind drivers of the importance of passing the emissions inspection, as a failed inspection may take them off the roads. You can recommend that drivers take their vehicles in for maintenance regularly, in order to ensure that their vehicle is equipped to pass the inspection.


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