4 Tips for Getting Windows Looking Spotless During Your Career in Auto Detailing

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An essential part of auto detailing is cleaning car windows efficiently and comprehensively. Customers will quickly see the difference between a slapdash clean and a comprehensive treatment from a detailing professional. A good window cleaning will always stand out, and a bad job will be hard to hide. There isn’t a lot of room for error with this much-requested service, so it pays to pick up some useful tips for achieving perfectly spotless windows.

1. Work From the Top Down and Pay Attention to Corners

Leaving car windows free of dirt and streaks can be accomplished through a number of different spraying and wiping techniques. However, established auto detailers point to some key approaches that will pay off in any cleaning scenario.
Once the cleaning solution has been applied, wiping should generally be carried out in a side to side fashion, but crucially should always start at the top of the window and work downwards. This will ensure drips will not run down to stain previously cleaned areas. Paying particular attention to window corners at the end of the process is also universally advised, as this is where residue tends to build up, regardless which window is being dealt with.

2. Your Career in Auto Detailing Means Getting Comfortable for Best Results

In order to fully concentrate on the cleaning process, minimizing physical stress and the annoyances of an awkward cleaning position is essential. This means not getting cramped behind the steering wheel while cleaning the inside of the windshield, or undergoing uncomfortable stretches trying to reach the interior back window. Choose to sit in the passenger seat when cleaning the windshield, and try using the back of your hand when cleaning the back window. By choosing these unstressed positions, you will be able to deliver a far more efficient (and comfortable!) clean during and after your automotive detailing classes.

Delivering spotless windows means avoiding uncomfortable positions
Delivering spotless windows means avoiding uncomfortable positions

3. Grads of Automotive Detailing Classes Know to Stay Away From Overly-Strong Cleaners

There is a massive range of glass cleaning products available. However, some of the stronger products out there can include harmful chemicals such as ammonia. While these kinds of cleaners can give good results on glass, they’re often not a good option to use in the long term. That’s because even a drop of ammonia-based cleaner can stain leather interiors or mark rubber elements around the windshield. Explaining how this happened to a client is a situation no auto detailer ever wants to get into.

4. Chase Contaminants Away With Clay During Your Career in Auto Detailing

A clay bar can be an extremely useful tool in the hands of someone with a career in auto detailing. Not only can clay bars be used to clean a car’s paint, but they can also be wonderful tools for keeping windows clean too!
This soft, fine grade clay can be used to wipe windows clear of contaminants and stubborn particles. The clay bar should only really be used when the detailer has noticed the kind of dried-on particles that just won’t be shifted by cleaning solution and cloth. This is an excellent tool when dealing with a mixture of harder “bits” that have adhered to the glass, and should be kept close by for these kind of cleaning scenarios.
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