4 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Load Planner after Auto Mechanic School

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If you’re looking for a dynamic and stable career within the automotive industry, a job as a load planner might be the right fit. Load planners work within the transportation industry to plan and organize the logistics of efficient freight shipping products, whether via plane, truck, or ship. These professionals have strong organizational skills, enabling them to perform duties such as monitoring schedules for delivery and pickup, coordinating load plans, ensuring timely arrival and departure, verifying compliance with industry regulations, communicating with drivers and customers, and more. The work that load planners do contributes to the efficient operation of a company, enabling businesses to keep transportation costs low and streamline their operations. If you’re wondering whether a career as a load planner is right for you, read on to discover four reasons why load planning is a great career path. 

1. When You Become a Load Planner After Auto Mechanic School, You’ll Enjoy a Stable and In-Demand Career 

As long as there are goods and products that need to be moved from one location to another, there will be a demand for load planning professionals to ensure these products are moved efficiently. If you go into the load planning industry after completing your training for mechanics, you’ll enjoy a career path that’s not only stable, but in-demand. With the rise of e-commerce and the increasingly global scope of the transportation industry, the need for individuals with the skills to maintain cost-effective operations will only grow. Consider becoming a load planner to ensure a stable and successful career!

As long as goods are moved from one place to another, load planners will enjoy a stable career
As long as goods are moved from one place to another, load planners will enjoy a stable career

2. You’ll Get to Interact with Many People

The job of a load planner involves plenty of coordination between different parties. Load planners must coordinate with different drivers to ensure timeliness and maintain contact throughout the delivery process. They must also provide good customer service to suppliers and those receiving shipments. If you consider yourself to be a “people person,” becoming a load planner is a great way to put these skills to the test, as you’ll engage in communication with stakeholders to convey information, solve problems, and ensure transparency throughout the transportation process.

3. You’ll Be Putting Your Critical Thinking Skills to the Test

Ready to make your next career move, but want to avoid committing to a career path where you might get bored? When you work as a load planner after completing auto mechanic school, boredom is out of the question. Load planners work to solve problems and correct inefficiencies to optimize shipments and keep costs low – and their success is enhanced by their ability to think critically about a particular situation. Whether it’s selecting a carrier, determining the best shipping lane, or calculating costs, you’ll be constantly engaged in the work you do in this dynamic career. Additionally, the work of load planners is hands-on, as these professionals often work directly within airports, transportation hubs, or shipping centres to carry out their duties. As a load planner, life is always exciting!

Load planners use their critical thinking skills to improve the efficiency of operations
Load planners use their critical thinking skills to improve the efficiency of operations

4. Load Planners Have a Rewarding Job

Lastly, being a load planner is a rewarding career path. With your skills and the work you put into making shipments more efficient, you can help companies to streamline their operations and keep costs low. In today’s rapidly advancing transportation industry, your contributions will be extremely important to a business’s ability to enhance their performance and remain competitive in the current market. If you’re looking for a career where you’ll be able to see the impact of the work you do, consider becoming a load planner after completing your training.
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