4 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Collision Estimator After Automotive Training

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Also known as auto body estimators, collision estimators have an important role within the automotive industry. Whenever a vehicle is taken in for a repair after an accident, collision estimators are the professionals responsible for assessing the vehicle and obtaining information from the vehicle’s owner. Collision estimators will inspect the vehicle for damage, determine what the condition of the vehicle was prior to the accident, and identify the components which need to be repaired or replaced. Next, they’ll coordinate with the insurance company and the repair shop to obtain a cost estimate for the repair, using their industry knowledge to factor in the cost of labor and necessary materials. 
If you’re currently considering training for an auto career, you’ll probably be interested to know the benefits of becoming a collision estimator. Below, discover four reasons to consider embarking on this career path after completing your training.

1. After Automotive Training, Collision Estimators Can Work in Many Different Environments

As a collision estimator, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a variety of different environments. The skills and industry knowledge that collision estimators possess means that their services are needed by many different types of businesses, leading to a variety of opportunities for work. After completing your automotive training in collision estimation, you’ll be qualified to work in auto body shops, insurance companies, and automotive dealerships. With experience, collision estimators can even work independently, contracting their services to clients and insurance companies that need them. 

Collision estimators can work in automotive dealerships, repair shops or even independently
Collision estimators can work in automotive dealerships, repair shops or even independently

2. As a Collision Estimator, You’ll Benefit from Good Income Potential

Within the collision estimating industry, there are many opportunities for great income potential. In addition to receiving a salary, collision estimators also typically have an opportunity to earn a higher commission which is based on the sales they make. If you choose to work independently as a collision estimator, you can also set your own price for your services and take on as many clients as you desire, increasing your potential to earn more. If you’re looking for a career in the auto industry where hard work pays off, becoming a collision estimator could be right for you.

3. Job Stability Is High as a Collision Estimator

With their expertise, collision estimators are always in demand. Insurance companies rely on collision estimators to provide detailed reports of vehicle damage costs, while auto repair shops and dealerships rely on them to conduct assessments of damage and place parts replacement orders. Additionally, vehicle owners require the services of collision estimators to guide them through the process of repairing their vehicle after an accident, as well as determining how much of the repair they’ll pay for out of pocket. Given the important role that collision estimators play within the auto industry, when you choose this career path you can rest assured that there will always be opportunities for employment.

Collision estimation is an in-demand career path
Collision estimation is an in-demand career path

4. Collision Estimation Is Never Boring

If you choose to become a collision estimator after completing automotive mechanics school, you’ll be embarking on one of the most hands-on and dynamic career paths available within the auto industry. While collision estimators are certainly always busy, their work is never boring. At any given time, collision estimators may be communicating with clients, coordinating repair orders with auto body shops, corresponding with insurance companies, or even visiting the scene of an accident to obtain more information. As a collision estimator, you’ll always be engaged while on the job. What’s more, the work is rewarding, as the services you provide are vital in ensuring not only that a vehicle is correctly repaired, but that clients are paying the right amount for the repairs.
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