4 Reasons to Become a Service Advisor After Automotive School

Service advisors act as liaisons between automotive repair technicians and customers seeking advice on their services. You’ll work to help people directly within a team, making it an ideal path for a people person. As a service advisor, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance your career, using the many skills you’ve picked up from training and from working with a group of skilled automotive professionals. Finally, you’ll be able to deepen your technical knowledge and skills by helping customers find the right services and products for them. With such a wide variety of duties to carry out, you’ll never be bored in this dynamic work environment. Learn more about the benefits of a service advisor career here!  

1. Get the Chance to Help Customers Directly 

If you’re seeking a career that will offer you the sense of satisfaction that can come with helping others, becoming a service advisor could be right for you. You will listen attentively to your customer’s concerns and discern what service will be right for them, answering any questions they have along the way in a clear and helpful way. In addition, you’ll continue to be the main point of contact for customers throughout the service and beyond, suggesting other services that might apply to their vehicles. After automotive training, your work as a service advisor will place you in a front-facing position that helps clients feel more comfortable with the services they receive–which can be very rewarding for both you and your business!

Get the opportunity to advise customers directly after automotive training.
Get the opportunity to advise customers directly after automotive training.

2. Work in a Team After Automotive School 

In addition to helping different customers, you’ll get to be a part of a supportive working environment with other experts in the automotive industry. Through regular interactions with repair technicians, salespeople, parts specialists, and managers, you’ll have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the industry. This can help you to boost your knowledge of automotive repairs and services and get ahead in your career–which brings us to the next important point. 

3. Enjoy Opportunities for Advancement 

As a service advisor, the skills you’ll put into practice each day can be used in a future administrative position, or even in an entrepreneurial capacity. You’ll practice effective customer service, coordinate appointments, communicate with technicians, complete your own diagnostic examinations, sell merchandise, perform regular office duties, and more. That’s a very wide skill set, and these competencies are highly transferable, offering you plenty of opportunities for career advancement after service advisor training. You may go on to become a manager in a dealership or auto shop. Or perhaps you’d like to own your own automotive business after gaining the experience you need. What path do you see yourself taking?

Make use of future opportunities to advance your career after service advisor training.
Make use of future opportunities to advance your career after service advisor training.

4. Deepen Your Technical Knowledge and Skills 

A service advisor career affords you the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll get to put your interpersonal and customer service skills to use, while you learn about the ins and outs of automotive services from working with your team members. Of course, you’ll begin to sharpen your automotive expertise in training. If you’re thinking of starting a successful career as an Automotive Service Advisor, CATI’s Service Operations Program will equip you with the mechanical expertise and service skills you’ll need to thrive in your career. 


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