4 Of The Most Expensive Repairs You'll See In Your Automotive Mechanic Career

automotive mechanic career

Sometimes, drivers get off lucky when they bring their car in for repairs. With just a quick, inexpensive fix needed, they can have their vehicle in shape again and ready to go. However, other times customers might be landed with a repair bill that is more than a little pricey.
If you’re considering a career in the world of auto repair, you might be interested to learn which repairs are the most costly, as well as why they are so expensive.
Here’s a closer look at some of the most expensive repairs you might see throughout your career.

1. Pursuing an Automotive Mechanic Career? Suspension Repair Isn’t Cheap

The suspension lets cars absorb jolts caused by dips, rises, and imperfections on the road. Without it, driving a car would be far bumpier.
Repairing the suspension can be relatively inexpensive for some cars. Throughout your automotive mechanic career you can expect a low-end price for this repair to run at approximately $250 for a job that just requires shock absorber replacement. That can increase rather dramatically, though, with a full overhaul of the suspension system potentially costing $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the model.
While those prices are pretty high, auto mechanics in training know that not repairing a car’s suspension isn’t ideal. Failing to get a suspension replaced will mean a car will have difficulty handling variations in surface level, which could prove dangerous, and lead to other complications.

2. Head Gaskets Aren’t Expensive Parts, But They Cost a Lot to Repair

Head gaskets seal off engine cylinders, and maintain proper pressure inside the cylinders. This keeps the engine running properly.
Students attending automotive training schools might know that head gaskets can usually be counted on to last a long time, but when they do break, costs can be as high as $1,500 to $2,100.

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Head gaskets are pretty inexpensive, but cost a lot to repair

The reason this repair is so expensive, despite the part only costing a couple hundred dollars, is that head gaskets are in a hard-to-reach spot in the engine. Getting at them and putting everything back in place afterwards takes several hours, so labour costs are high.

3. Students at Automotive Training Schools Might Know Transmission Repair Is a Big Deal

The transmission is what allows a car to relay power from the engine over to the wheels, which is what lets the car move. It’s an intricate system of gears and axles that are subject to a lot of wear and tear over the course of a car’s lifetime. Should a transmission become damaged, car owners can expect to pay a lot of money for repairs.
Repairing a transmission can cost anywhere from $500 for just a clutch replacement/fix to $4,500+ for a complete rebuild or remanufacture. The more extensive the damage, the more customers can expect to pay.

4. Engine Cylinder Failure Is a Big and Very Expensive Problem

Some repairs are so expensive that auto mechanics advise their customers not to bother with them, as it makes more sense to get a new car. Blown engines caused by cylinder failure are good examples of this type of extremely expensive repair.
Engine cylinders are the spaces in which pistons move after receiving energy from the burning fuel. Failed cylinders can lead to uncontrolled burning, which sometimes results in the engine catching fire.
Typically, this problem requires a full engine replacement, which can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $9,000 or more. After beginning your auto mechanic career, you might advise any customers facing this repair to simply sell their car and purchase a new model.
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