3 Ways Service Writers Can Manage the Stress of a Busy Auto Shop

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Service writers are the essential link between the automotive shop and the customer. They are responsible for greeting customers, assessing problems, and suggesting solutions. Without a high performing service writer, an auto shop can quickly become chaotic and service will grind to a halt. Therefore, it’s extremely important for service writers to be able to manage the stress of the job effectively.
If you’re looking for a career where you get to provide excellent customer service and share your love of cars—and don’t mind working under pressure from time to time—becoming an automotive service writer may be your career calling.
Read on to discover three ways you can manage stress as a service writer.

1. Service Writers Can Manage Stress by Prioritizing Shop Tasks

Every service writer will have days where they feel like their multitasking skills aren’t up to snuff. Even if you have topnotch multitasking skills, there will be situations that challenge your abilities and cause you some stress. You can manage the stress of a hectic automotive shop by prioritizing your tasks effectively. By doing so you regain control of the situation and create a game plan for how you’re going to handle your day.
For example, you may have three customers come into the shop at once. Two of them seem calm, and one seems agitated. You also have a repair finishing up and you need to call the client to come pick up their car. Even superman can’t do all those things at once, so what do you do? Take a moment and assess the situation. What can wait, even five minutes, and what can’t? In this example it would be best to deal with the anxious customer first, then the other customers who are waiting for you, and then finish by calling the client as soon as you can.

2. Service Writers Can Manage Stress by Reaching Out for Help

Regardless on the size of the shop you work at, you will probably be a part of a team. During a busy day there will likely be company management, supervisors, automotive service technicians, detailers, and other service advisors on shift. As a service writer, you’re the first person that customers see when they walk in the door. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount of people entering the shop, don’t panic! There’s no shame in turning to your colleagues for help.

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To manage stress, don’t be afraid to reach out to colleagues for help

In order to reduce your stress levels so you can do your job effectively, ask another professional with service advisor training if you can work together. Or approach your manager and explain the situation, and ask if they can take one thing off your plate. Good management will want their automotive shop to succeed, and should be more than willing to lend a hand when things get out of control. By using the support system around you, you can greatly reduce your stress on the job.

3. Service Writers Can Manage Stress by Organizing Their Workspace

Completing tasks like confirming a client’s insurance or writing a service order will require some time sitting at a desk. If you find sitting down at your desk to be stressful, then it’s likely your desk space is cluttered. A great way to clear your mind is to remove the mess from your workspace.

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Cleaning your workspace can help reduce stress

Taking the time to toss away old coffee cups, file finished paperwork, and shred and recycle papers you don’t need will help to lower your stress levels. Additionally, when the shop gets busy, a clean and organized space will make it easier to find exactly what you need quickly.
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