3 Qualities to Build for Success in a Service Advisor Career

If you’re considering a career as a service advisor, you’ll be a valuable member of a team in any dealership or automotive garage. Service advisors work closely with customers who enter the shop seeking a parts replacement, a specific repair, or who have general questions or concerns about their vehicle. They’ll listen closely to the customer’s situation, and collaborate with them to determine the best plan of action and provide helpful advice. Service advisors might recommend products to customers, place repair orders for them, or even provide advice on proper vehicle care.  

During your service advisor training at CATI, you’ll build the skills and knowledge necessary to land a job in the industry. Before launching your career, it’s always helpful to be aware of the key skills which will help you to succeed as a service advisor. When you focus on building skills such as communication, empathy, product knowledge and sales, you’ll be able to ensure a long and rewarding career. Keep reading to learn a bit more about each skill and how it will come in handy when pursuing a career as service advisor.

Communication is the Key to Success

When working closely with customers, effective communication is essential to a positive and effective interaction. When you’re able to listen to a customer’s needs and speak clearly with them, you’ll be able to come to a mutual understanding about the type of product or service which is most relevant for their unique situation. For example, when a customer comes in expressing concern about an issue with their car, strong communication skills will enable you to provide applicable advice, rather than moving right into a sales pitch. During your service advisor training, you can practice developing this skill by working to ensure you’re understanding the directions, wishes or advice.

Build a relationship of confidence with strong communication skills after service advisor training
Build a relationship of confidence with strong communication skills after service advisor training

Develop a Sense of Empathy During your Service Advisor Training

When customers come to you with a question or problem, they aren’t trying to make your day harder. Chances are, they’re probably having a pretty bad day themselves if they need an urgent and potentially pricey repair on their vehicle. As someone pursuing a service advisor career, it’s important to practice empathy when working with a frustrated customer, assuring them that you understand the issue they’re having and letting them know that you’ll try your hardest to solve their problem for them. When it comes to the automotive industry, customers may be wary that service advisors are only trying to sell them a product, and don’t have their best interests at heart. By empathizing with your customers and demonstrating genuine concern, you’ll be able to develop trust, allowing for a more positive and beneficial relationship.

Listen to the concerns of your customer with genuine empathy as a service advisor
Listen to the concerns of your customer with genuine empathy as a service advisor

Gain Sale Skills with Product Knowledge

As the face of an auto dealership, you need to have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of the products and services you are offering to customers. In order to provide customers with solid advice and an enticing sales pitch, service advisors need to know everything there is to know about the product in question. With expert knowledge of each service and product, you’ll not only be a great help to your clients, you’ll also become a more valuable employee within your organization, impressing your supervisor and colleagues with your skills. Once you gain product knowledge, you ‘ll also become more confident in the sales process. When you’re confident in your product and your capabilities as a service advisor, it also makes it easier for your client to have confidence in you.


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