3 New Year's Resolutions to Make (And Keep) if You Want to Become a Mechanic

Mechanic at work in his garage
As an aspiring auto mechanic, it is important to set goals and objectives that will gear you towards success in the automotive industry. Whether you are studying, working, or running an auto shop, making new year’s resolutions will only benefit you in the long run.
CATI offers automotive training programs that will teach you the ins and outs of service operations and mechanic careers. Through the training program, you’ll gain the knowledge and foresight to plan new year’s resolutions that will advance your career. Read on to get a head start on your new year’s resolutions and secure your future as a mechanic.

1. Performing Vehicle Check-ups is a Good First Step to Become a Mechanic

One of the most important things you can do as an aspiring auto mechanic is perform regular check-ups on vehicles. The more practice you get working on a car, the better prepared you’ll be to advise and recommend services to your customers. Performing your own check-ups on a car is a great way to prepare for the work you’ll do once you become a mechanic
By familiarizing yourself with replacing filters, performing oil changes, checking fluid levels, rotating and balancing tires, you can set yourself on the right path towards graduating from a school like CATI, which specializes in service operations along with other programs.

It’s important to perform regular check-ups on a car once you become a mechanic
It’s important to perform regular check-ups on a car once you become a mechanic

2. Keep Customers’ Vehicles in Top-Notch Condition

This sounds like a no-brainer, but many vehicle owners out there will expect you to return their cars to them in top-notch condition. First impressions are everything, and by providing a quality service for your customers, you can build a positive image as a professional mechanic. By making it a habit to maintain the cleanliness of your auto shop and the vehicles you work on, you will exude confidence and reliability in your profession.
After graduating from auto mechanic training, you’ll learn that upholding cleanliness and organization in the workplace will improve your efficiency when providing auto services. When you deliver quality services, you’ll build trust with your customers and keep them coming back to your auto shop.

It’s good to maintain cleanliness in the workplace for yourself and your customers
It’s good to maintain cleanliness in the workplace for yourself and your customers

3. Know the Vehicles Inside Out

This goes hand-in-hand with the first two new year’s resolutions. When you know about all the details and features of a vehicle, it becomes easier to maintain the car during checkups and cleaning. Having a vehicle is a big investment for your customers. By getting to know all the details of their vehicles, you are securing their investment and your credibility as a professional mechanic. By following the owner’s manual for a vehicle, knowing a vehicle’s history, and keeping track of any work you have done before, you’ll be able to tell when something is off in the performance or condition of a car. When you clean a car after repairs, you should be able to identify if anything is wrong with the interior or exterior body of the car at a glance.
Automotive training is the first and most important step to take for anyone hoping to launch a successful auto career. CATI provides detailed lessons that take place right in the shop. So, get your new year’s resolutions on track and join us as an aspiring auto mechanic. 
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