3 Fun Customizations To Try After Auto Body Training

Most visitors to auto body shops simply want to fix the bodies of their cars or trucks or get their vehicles ready for the road after an accident. But occasionally, you’ll come across a client who wants their vehicle to express their personality and style. These clients will most likely let you exercise the full range of your creativity and transform their vehicles into unique works of art.

Customizing vehicles is fun and a great way to flow your creative juices. It can also provide a welcome distraction from everyday work life. However, making structural changes to vehicles requires complete expertise and great care. Auto Body Training at CATI school will equip you with the training, knowledge, and skills to make masterpieces of ordinary vehicles safely and professionally. 

This blog highlights three fun customizations you can try after your auto body training. Read on to discover them!

1. Expressive Paint Jobs After Auto Body School

One of the quickest ways to make a vehicle stand out is to tweak its exterior; most often, this means getting expressive with paint. You can start experimenting with paint jobs once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of automotive painting after auto body school. Instead of traditional solid colours, consider experimenting with unique techniques and finishes.

A mechanic painting a vehicle after auto body training
As you’ll learn in auto body school, a vehicle’s paint can help it to stand out.

For instance, you could incorporate metallic flakes, pearl or candy finishes, or chameleon paint that changes colour depending on the viewing angle. The possibilities are endless, and with each project, you can push the boundaries of your painting skills and create genuinely one-of-a-kind vehicles. 

2. Look at Interior Enhancements After Auto Body Training

While exterior customizations often steal the spotlight, paying attention to a vehicle’s interior can take the customization experience to a new level. Auto body training at CATI equips you with skills beyond exterior repairs, providing a foundation for interior enhancements.

As you’ll learn in auto body school, interior enhancements can upgrade the driving experience
Interior enhancements can improve the driving experience, as you’ll learn in auto body training.

Consider upgrading the upholstery, installing a new sound system, or adding custom lighting to create a unique ambiance inside the vehicle. Attention to detail, such as custom steering wheels, shift knobs, and personalized gauge clusters, is also beneficial. Custom floor mats can add a nice, subtle touch of class, while a customized headliner can often create a whole new driving experience for the client. Interior customizations allow you to express your creativity and provide your client with a comfortable, stylish driving experience.

3. Body Kit Installation

After gaining proficiency in auto body repair, you can take your skills to the next level by installing body kits. Body kits are aftermarket accessories that modify a vehicle’s appearance by adding or replacing its exterior components. They can include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and fender flares, among other parts. 

Installing body kits can help transform a stock vehicle into a head-turning, customized machine. Mastering body kit installation will improve your technical abilities, allow you to explore different design aesthetics, and help clients achieve their desired vehicle look.

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