3 Facts Automotive Training School Students Must Know About the Limited-Edition Mopar Ram

For many truck fans, the 2015 Ram Rebel 1500 had it all. Fiat Chrysler’s latest version of the classic truck, which was originally manufactured as the Dodge Ram before being given its own marque in 2010, won universal acclaim for is power, design, and excellent handling over tough terrain.
There’s always room for improvement, though, especially when it involves the experts at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) aftermarket department Mopar, who have opted to make the Ram Rebel the first truck to be featured in their special edition line. The lucky few who purchase a Mopar 2016 Special Edition Ram can expect an array of new features and mods, and will also receive a special Mopar kit including limited edition merchandise and a metal birth certificate for the truck.
So what special new features can auto mechanic students expect from the Mopar ’16 Ram? Read on to find out more.

1. Automotive Training School Students Can Spot the Ram’s Unique Design Features

With a host of unique Mopar custom design touches, the special edition Ram Rebel will at least be easy for students at automotive training school to spot. The truck is available in either Flame Red or Brilliant Black, with a brand new matte black hood graphic, fender flares, and blue and black striped accents on the sides and tailgate.
The original Rebel’s silver skid plate has been replaced with a black version, while the wheels and other parts of the trim have also been blacked out. Even the interior has been spruced up, with a unique glove box badge and stainless steel doorsills.

2. Mopar Offers Some Impressive Automotive Performance Upgrades for the Ram

One small modification which could make a huge difference to the truck’s performance is the skid plate Mopar has installed to protect the power steering box, a component which tends to take an awful lot of punishment when it comes to offroaders. By shielding it from damage in rocky terrain, this feature could save owners plenty of time and money in the long run.
Mopar also offers a number of optional upgrades for the Ram, including a cold air intake and a cat back exhaust system. As many students in automotive mechanic courses know, both of these modifications can make a huge difference to a vehicle’s performance, helping regulate air intake and temperature to allow the engine to work more efficiently.

3. Automotive Training School Students Would Be Lucky To See a Limited-Edition Ram

Students hoping to catch a glimpse of the Mopar ’16 Ram once it hits the streets are likely be disappointed, with just 500 going on sale globally. Even so, the production number is unusually high for a Mopar Special Edition. The 2014 Dodge Challenger was limited to just 100 units, while only 50 of last year’s special edition Charger kits were produced.
The larger production number indicates that Fiat Chrysler expects the design to be popular, with the vehicle due to arrive in dealerships this summer. It won’t come cheap though: pricing starts at $67,175 CAD, making the truck over $7,000 more expensive than a regular Ram Rebel.
Check out the special edition Ram here:

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