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Automotive Business Manager Career

Auto Business Manager Training

An Automotive Business Manager is an essential part of an automotive sales and leasing based business. With a background in customer service and financing, this career path is an excellent choice for auto industry experienced people who want to take on the challenge of steering automotive dealerships to success.

This will include working with other departments at the dealership, potentially including parts and servicing, training your sales and leasing team, and maybe even making sure that your automotive service consultants are working in top shape, alongside a service manager. The general price range of vehicles and the regulations governing transfer of an auto title also mean you need to be well versed with auto sales law and making and helping other people sign binding business contracts.

Depending on your preference, you might manage a franchise dealership or a privately owned company, as well as deciding if owned or new vehicles are a better match for you. Regardless, thanks to a rise in car buyers, there are excellent opportunities for people with the right qualifications.