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Auto Sales and Leasing Career

Auto Business Manager Training

Car ownership rates have only gone up, and at the forefront of that are Auto Sales and Leasing Professionals. Working with customers to help them decide the best vehicle match to meet their needs, the modern Sales and Leasing Professionals seek to maximize customer satisfaction in the sales process.

They also work with the Finance department of dealerships, helping clients decide how to pay for their purchase. Because vehicles are a major household expense, dealerships try to assure customer satisfaction. Sales and Leasing is more than the transfer of a single car for money, it is building lifelong customer loyalty. Car and truck buyers care about the reliability of brands and their dealership experience, not only coming back time and time again, but also making referrals to friends and family.

In addition to being able to transmit their passion for cars, a Sales and Leasing professional must also develop an extensive knowledge of the makes and models of the cars they sell and the kinds of vehicles customers like. Because of their value to dealerships, they often benefit from a rewarding commission based sales process. Additionally they may choose between dealerships that specialize in used cars and those that cater to a single brand, and permutations in between, allowing them to help customers ranging from nervous first time buyers to corporate leasing accounts, in settings ranging from budget car lots to glossy show rooms.