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Car Repair Training in Cambridge


Car repair training prepares graduates to work as professional mechanics or automotive service technicians. An integral part of any auto body shop or dealership, automotive service technicians combine technical knowledge with advanced problem-solving skills.

Car Repair Training Program at ATC Cambridge

Expert practical instruction is the hallmark of the Automotive Training Centre (ATC) in Cambridge, Ontario. Mechanic students learning car repair spend 60% of course time in an auto shop environment working with state of the art equipment. This hands-on training is guided by theoretical knowledge learned in a classroom setting from experienced instructors during the remaining 40% of the course.

The car repair program provides students with foundational knowledge of:

  • The auto industry
  • Shop safety procedures
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Welding fundamentals
  • Wheel alignment theory

Graduates will know how various car parts and systems function as well as how to repair them, including:

  • The gasoline engine
  • Wheels and tires
  • Drive lines and axels
  • Hubs and bearings
  • Suspension, steering, hydraulic brake, lubrication, cooling, fuel injection, emission and computer control systems

The Government of Ontario has approved the ATC car repair program as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act of 2005.

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Car Repair Job Description and Projected Demand in Cambridge, Ontario

Car repair graduates at ATC Cambridge will become certified automotive service technicians (also known as auto mechanics). Graduates will be qualified to seek employment in a variety of workplaces including car, truck and tractor dealerships, garages, transport companies, service stations and other organizations or companies which maintain fleets of vehicles.

Graduates with car repair training will be expected to perform a wide variety of tasks. The frequency a graduates performs these tasks depends on their location of employment. Duties could include:

  • Test-driving vehicles
  • Performing computer tests of system components
  • Performing tune-ups and oil changes
  • Repairs on brakes, engines, drive trains, exhaust, air conditioning and heating
  • Working on the frame, chassis and steering
  • Installing replacement parts

Industry trends indicate that there will be more job openings for auto mechanics than qualified applicants in the next several years. Therefore, the projected demand for car repair workers is expected to remain stable for the next decade. The average salary for an auto mechanic in Canada is $20/hour.

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